Information Technology Professionals

Information Technology Job Overview

Every aspect of business today needs technology to move ahead. Through technology, automation is possible which means lesser manpower and equipment which eventually means more savings for a business process.

That is why some of the most successful business today uses technology to its advantage. Without it, their processes will be slower which lowers their productivity significantly.

On the other hand, handling information has taken great strides for the past 20 years. From snail mail, we can now email anyone in any part of the globe and the information will be there in a heartbeat.

From land-based phones we now have mobile phones that gave us the ability to communicate even better. Of course, the internet has given everyone a great deal of information regarding virtually everything.

The marriage of information and technology has spawned careers related to these fields. Because almost every business needs to improve their information technology fast, the need for manpower with information technology skills in any industry continues to rise.

IT experts are in-charge of developing new technologies and applications that should increase productivity at work. They could be software developers, data infrastructure engineers, or network personnel. IT experts could also help in troubleshooting as well as maintenance of the already established IT infrastructure of the business.

Because of globalization, the need for IT experts to ensure the processes go smoothly is not only during business hours. Most business today operates 24 hours a day because they communicate to clients from different countries.

The presence of an IT expert will ensure that the operation will go smoothly 24/7 and they will be there just in case the process is interrupted because of an error.

IT experts are instrumental to a company’s success. Their ability to develop applications for automation and even for error prevention and monitoring have become a important part of the business’ success.

Information Technology Professional Education Requirement

A degree related to information technology is a must for IT professionals. Specifically, a degree that leads to software development, network construction or hardware configuration (in computers) could help the candidate land a good job in the IT industry.

One of the key to success in the IT industry is to select a specialization. 10 years ago, the internet and computers are just basic that a general knowledge could almost cover everything related to computers and IT.

Today, there are many programming languages to be considered and knowing them all is impossible. To be an IT expert today is not about having the knowledge to develop applications in any programming language but to be highly proficient in a single programming language or field in the IT industry (security, networking, VOIP, etc.).

Besides a degree in computer, those who want to be successful in this field could have certifications that would complement their degree. Degrees that are related to network security, VOIP and different programming languages should improve the chances of candidate to be hired as an IT professional.

Information Technology Professional Qualification

  • IT Related Degree
  • Certifications

Information Technology Professional Skills:

To be successful in the IT industry, above average analytical skills is a must. Software developers and network security professionals should have the ability to have a keen observation of business processes and use it for developing an application or controlling network for increased security.

Complementing analytical skills is the keen attention to details. Those who are working in the IT industry will usually have to deal with a lot of information especially when they are working for a large scale company.

Every detail has to be noticed and to be taken into account as it could influence the general settings of the application being developed or during network troubleshooting.

The IT industry is quickly evolving and IT professionals need to have the ability to adapt to ever changing environment. The technology that we are dealing with today may not be feasible or applicable a year late so IT professionals have to be abreast with the latest and use it for the company’s advantage.

Information Technology Professionals Expected Salary:

  • Programmer: $3500- $75000
  • Web Designer: $2500-$5000
  • Database: $3000- $5500
  • Networking: $2500-$8500
  • Senior management: $9000 and more

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