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ITES Industry Job Overview

ITES (Information Technology Enabled Services) is an industry that is slowly taking shape because of the increasing need of IT in every aspect of business.

Small to large scale businesses requires IT in their business. Without IT, automation is just not possible as data will be updated and entered manually.  This, in effect, will also slow down the company’s processes and customer service.

Even with the increased demand for an efficient customer service, businesses are also pressed to provide that service with speed and accuracy. Without IT, it will not be able to deliver efficient service to the customers.

ITES answers a business need through IT. Applications and gadgets are developed in order to help businesses deliver their service faster and better.

The ability to use these applications began to rise and because of this demand, an IT related job is created.

Working in ITES sector means to work with in a business setting using information technology.

Instead of dealing with information through paper, every data is dealt with electronically. Through online connectivity, these jobs could either be done in-house or outsourced based on the company’s preferences.

ITES today is usually associated with business outsourcing wherein businesses outsource some of their processes to other companies to cut costs.

Those who wanted to work in this industry are not required to have keen knowledge on applications or software development.

Basic computer skills are required for this job coupled with a keen understanding of the business processes.

With their computer skills, industry workers could perform basic business processes to ensure business’ success through fast customer service and service delivery.

ITES Industry Education Requirements

The educational requirement for ITES depends on the position aimed for by the candidate.

Managerial positions will often require college degree that is related to the industry they are working for.

Entry level positions on the other hand, may only require high school education.

High school education may be the least educational requirement for ITES since training are usually done for successful applicants.

The skills taught in ITES are usually subjective to the company they are working for. Even with high school education, training will still be provided.

The skills taught are just enough to function in the business processes. These business processes only requires simple familiarity of basic computer operations and online processes.

Because ITES are specialized in every business, experience is usually one of the requirements for higher positions. A college or a graduate degree may also increase the chances on career advancement.

However, most businesses prefer candidates who were working on the same industry for years. Familiarity with the concepts of the business is often a requirement and since each business has their strategies to succeed, experience in the same industry is a requirement.

ITES Industry Job Qualification:

  • College Degree
  • Basic Computer Skills

ITES Industry Job Skills

As already indicated, basic computer skills and familiarity with basic online processes is a requirement for this industry. Those who are working in ITES industry are presumed to have this knowledge as the training for business related applications are often fast and will never provide basic training in computer skills.

The ability to adapt to different applications is also a requirement for ITES employees. Coupled with the ability to understand basic computer applications, adapting that knowledge to applications is a must.

Every company may have developed their own applications and employees are required to understand them fast.

Time is very important for every business and employees have to learn them as soon as possible so that they could provide the required service to their clients.

The ability to work in a highly pressured environment is also a requirement for those who want to work in this industry.

Business processes have to be done in a very fast yet accurate manner and it could easily take its toll for employees who cannot handle the pressure.

This industry is mentally challenging and employees have to show they can still work with clarity even under pressure.

ITES Industry Expected Salary

  • Beginners: $2500
  • Mid Level: $5500
  • Experts: $8000

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