SAP Consultants

SAP Consultants Job Overview

SAP applications are the standard applications in a business environment. The applications developed by SAP have been specifically created to be used in business environment for enterprise resource planning (ERP) and customer relations management (CRM). Businesses will have access to useful information that could aid them in the development of their relationship with their customers or harnessing their resources.

The applications developed by SAP, on the other hand, are not just simple “out of the box” applications. Careful integration has to be made and it usually requires experienced developers that understand different SAP modules before SAP could be fully integrated to the business environment.

Because of the specialization needed for developing SAP in the business environment, SAP consultants have been in demand in the business sector. SAP consultants are usually experienced with different SAP modules to tackle any development plan in building an ERP or CRM application.

The SAP consultant will oversee the development of the applications, making sure that the applications built are according to business processes. Usually, these applications are for ERP or CRM which means intensive data manipulation has to done. The SAP consultant will ensure that the application is developed according to different software development plans to ensure that the application is tested before implemented to the business environment.

SAP consultants will also work with database administrators so that data security will be achieved. They also help in designing network interaction so that SAP applications will work as planned.

SAP Consultants Education Requirement

A college degree is often required for SAP consultants. IT related courses are recommended but there are SAP consultants that are graduates of business courses. Their knowledge of business processes has been very important in understanding different SAP concepts and eventually implementing them in the development of the application.

Advanced knowledge in business processes is often preferred. An MBA will give the candidate the higher chance of advancement in the career. MBA is often added with an IT related course so that understanding of the business processes and technical requirements will be there.

Aside from business or IT related degree, SAP consultants should have attended training for SAP. Unfortunately, SAP is not taught in college because this is a very specific group of applications. There are training conducted either online or in different training centers. These are often holistic approach in understanding different SAP modules.

The goal of SAP training is to prepare the candidate for SAP certification, which is very important for aspiring SAP consultants. SAP Certification comes in three forms:

  • Certifications on Associate Level
  • Certifications for Professionals
  • Certifications for Businesses

SAP Consultants Qualification

  • Degree in Business or IT
  • SAP Course and Certification

SAP Consultants Skills

Keen understanding of the business processes is a required skill for SAP consultants. As they will be working in the business environment, they have to display familiarity with different processes. With this skill, development of SAP applications as ERP and CRM will be faster. This is often developed with education but experience with an actual business environment will also help.

SAP consultants should also be a team player. As they will be the leader in software development, they should display the ability to work with the team more than anyone else.

Implementation of changes and development of new applications is a tedious task that requires the SAP consultant to work with database administrators and software developers. If the SAP consultant is not a team player, changes might not be implemented on time and conflict could easily arise.

Communication skills are also a requirement for SAP consultants. As they will be working with business managers as well as software developers, they should have the ability to effectively communicate so that information could be understood.

These skills are required for SAP consultants not only for successful entry but also for a successful career as an SAP consultant.

SAP Consultants Expected Salary

  • Beginners: $5000
  • Mid level: $7000
  • Experts: $ 8000 or more (increases along with experience)

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