Server Management Professionals

Server Management Professionals Job Overview

Servers are an important part of any online or network process. Servers handle all files and information that will be displayed to the users’ application or browser. Online applications are being run through the server and effective management of the server means efficient performance of the application or the website.

Data intensive websites require optimum performance of the server since data fetching will be constant from the user. Graphic intensive applications and websites also need a robust server because all graphics are relayed from the server with the user of the command from the application.

Server maintenance is one of the main roles in server management positions. Server managers have to ensure that the servers are always optimized to the desired settings of the business. They have to ensure that the hardware capability of the server as well as the applications that control the server are updated and properly configured according to the business need.

Those who work in server management positions are assigned to troubleshoot the servers and offer quick solutions to prevent data loss. They often work with database administrators when the server is data intensive.

Server management is also about security of the data within the server. Security software and protocols within the server environment should be enforced through server management.

Server Management Professionals Education Requirements

Working in server management career requires a degree in computer sciences or computer engineering. Computer sciences focuses on different programming languages and basic server management while the computer engineering focuses on a wider scope of IT environment.  That means they work with network configuration, database administration and server management.

A graduate of computer sciences may also work for server management because of his familiarity with the applications required for configuring the server. Master’s or Doctor’s degree in IT related courses are also desired in this career.

Those who are planning to work in server management should also obtain certain certification as proof of their proficiency in server management. Certifications from Microsoft and SQL boost the chances of being hired in the server management field.

CompTIA Server+ is also a certification that should be obtained for those who want to work in server management. This certification requires the IT professional to be proficient in server related applications, hardware configuration. Knowledge in disaster recovery is also required to have this certification.

There are also professionals that have established a career in server management through experience. There are servers that run on system applications that do not have industry recognized certifications. Servers such as Apache and Linux don’t have industry recognized certificates but they are widely used in servers. Professionals could have Linux certification but only for general proficiency of the operating system.

Server Management Professionals Qualification:

  • Degree in Computer Sciences or Computer Engineering
  • Master’s or PHD in related field
  • Certification

Server Management Professionals Skills

Companies are usually looking for candidates who are self starters. They should work with minimal supervision and gets the job done even without a supervisor. The server has to be constantly monitored and those who are working to maintain the server do not have to be told by their supervisors and managers to start troubleshooting if there is something wrong with the server.

IT professionals who plan to work in the server management field should also have familiarity with different applications related to server management. That is why certifications have to be obtained by professionals to show their proficiency in different applications.

Those who want to work in server management should also be problem solvers. Most businesses already have established servers and those who are hired for server management are usually there for troubleshooting and disaster recovery. They should have the ability to implement specific steps to prevent data loss and the server could be operational as soon as possible.

Server Management Professionals Expected Salary

  • Beginner: $3000
  • Midlevel: $4500
  • Expert: $6500 or more

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