Software Business Development

Software Business Development Job Overview

Software developers need to be in business to survive and businesses needs software developers to automate their system.

However, there is a gap between application developers and business managers because of the difference in their expertise. Businesses usually focus on sales while software developers focus on IT and development.

Bridging the gap between software developers and business managers is the software business development specialist.

This position stands between software developers and business managers so that they could understand each other and eventually work together.

Business managers would identify the needs of the business and they are interpreted by application developers.

Software business development specialist would often oversee the development of the application and update business owners regarding the status of the application.

They work with business managers or owners to identify the processes that need to be automated.

These needs will be informed to software developers and they will also aid the team of software developers to build the application.

Along with the leaders in the IT department they will monitor the development of the application to ensure that the application will work according to business expectations.

There are also software business development specialists that work with the software development team to build an application that could be sold to consumers and other businesses.

They also work with business executives in identifying which applications that would be needed by consumers and other businesses.

Software Business Development Education Requirement

There are two college degrees needed to be a software business development specialist. The first college degree is with the IT related courses, preferably those courses geared towards software development.

Candidates should also have a business degree to understand different business processes.

Career advancement in software business development could take on two forms. There are software business development officers that specialize in sales of the applications. To advance as a sales specialist, an MBA may be required.

This will equip the candidate with the right knowledge of business process as well as identifying the needs of the consumers and businesses and effectively supplying them.

On the other hand, software business development officers can also concentrate on software development instead of sales.

With their experience on software development and different certifications, they could be the representative of software developers in building the applications.

Advancement in software business development could be fully achieved if a software developer would have an MBA as a graduate degree.

With their knowledge of the IT and business processes, they could easily communicate with business executives as well as software developers.

Software Business Development Qualification

  • Degree in Business and/or IT
  • MBA
  • Certifications

Software Business Development Skills

Excellent communication skills are a basic requirement for software business development specialist.

Since they work as bridge to software developers and business automation requirements, they have to effectively communicate to each team.

Their understanding in IT and business processes should be translated to effective communication so that business processes and software development is assured.

The candidate for this job position should be aware that this job comes with a great pressure to perform.

If you are a software business development in charge of sales, the pressure is on persuading potential clients and customers that the application developed is just what they need.

On the other hand, software business development officers are always pressured to deliver the application on time.

Either way, software business development officers should expect pressure. They have to perform not only in time but should also exceed expectations.

The ability to work with a team is also a requirement for software business development specialists.

Working with different departments at the same time is not an easy task and adapting to each team requires the ability to adjust gracefully.

Software Business Development Expected Salary

  • Basic: $4500
  • Mid Level: $5500
  • Experts: $7000 and more

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