Web Design Professionals

Web Design Job Overview

The first thing every user notice when visiting any website is the aesthetic design and layout of the webpage.With the right layout, the user will stay longer in the website and will eventually interact with it.The design will dictate if the website is easy to use or if the website provides enough information for the user.

The job in keeping websites interesting and useful to users is done by web design professionals.These professionals are part of the web development team but instead of focusing on applications development they are in-charge of developing a website in order to entice the user to stay in the webpage longer.

Web design professionals are also in charge of optimizing the popularity of the website. They design the website in a way that web crawlers of search engines could easily locate the website and direct the users there.

This is very important since most users use search engines to locate the website they prefer.Web design professionals also ensure that the website coding is properly handled. If the website as an application, it is the web designer’s job to ensure that the coding on website design is correct according to the specifications of web developers – in charge of building the applications within the website.

Web Design Education Requirements

Most web design professionals have a degree related to information technology. However, instead of devoting their time to software development, they have focused on website design and focused on web development applications for web design.

Through their experience in basic applications development, they were able to learn different web design applications and eventually became proficient with these applications.

Some of the applications learned by web design professionals are the following:

  • Flash
  • Dreamweaver
  • JavaScript
  • HTML
  • ActionScript
  • ColdFusion
  • Java
  • Perl
  • Fireworks
  • Photoshop 


Proficiency of these applications could be learned in school. However, there are web design professionals who have gained their knowledge through self study and practice.By using these applications continuously in a work environment, they slowly become experts of some these web applications and develop websites without the aid of college educated programmer.

However, proficiency through experience is often limited to applications for web design such as Photoshop, Fireworks and Dreamweaver.There are also web design professionals who have taken short courses to be come proficient in web design. These courses could either be taken online or in different training schools.

These crash courses focus of simple web design concepts and it is up to the professionals to expand their knowledge through practice.

Web Design Qualification

  • Degree Related to IT
  • Web Design Course

Web Design Skills

Web design professionals have to be creative. Web design professionals should have the creativity to catch the attention of the visitors. There are millions of websites and they are vying for the attention of the user.

It is the job of the web designer to provide that eye-catching design so that users will constantly go back to the site and enjoy not only the content but also the design.Web design professionals should also have effective problem solving skills. Websites are often put up to cater the need of some users and web design professionals should develop the website in a way that could provide simple solutions.

Sometimes, problems arise from the website such as error in coding and web design professionals should come up with an effective action steps that will become the solution fast.

Familiarity with basic e-commerce and internet security is usually a requirement for web design professionals. This will enable them to build websites that could monetize while maintaining security for the users.

Web Design Professionals Expected Salary

  • Beginner: $1500–$1700
  • Mid Level: $2500
  • Experts: $3500-$5500 or more
  • Freelance web designers can earn up to $200 per page.

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