Why Impel?

Why Impel?

Acquiring and retaining customers drive your company’s market share and profitability.  But in today’s economy, customer loyalty is difficult to come by. Only by making your customer the center of your business, can your business succeed. For this to happen, your marketing, sales and customer support teams need to have a single, unified view of your customer. Fortunately, today you have a solution and that’s Impel.

The Impel Difference:

We understand that every business is different!

Flexible Configuration
Impel can be configured to completely mirror your business, your sales processes and your specific terminology, making it a great fit for your teams.

Value for money
Since Impel is a hosted solution you pay per-user, so you have no up-front capital costs. A single monthly price gets you everything – the CRM application, support, training, security, back-up. No need for hardware, software, systems administrator

India centric
Impel is completely designed and developed for India, and priced specially for India. It is hosted in India for faster access.

Simple to use interface geared for the novice user
If your people know how to use e-mail, then they know how to use Impel. Impel’s powerful features are presented in an easy-to-use interface that makes it simple even for a novice user

Accessible anytime, anywhere on any device
All you need to access Impel is an Internet connection. Access Impel anytime, anywhere on any device, be it a laptop, cell phone, PDA or desktop

Faster ROI
Deploy Impel immediately; in days not months ensuring a quick Return on Investment

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