SaaS Architecture

The advancement of technology has caused a disruption when it comes to the usage of Information Technology, and this will have a large impact on many companies. The combination of SOA with Web 2.0 will very likely change the way people access and use information.

The disruption that the industry is facing right now is very similar to the revolution of the Internet and PCs; it will have an effect on millions of people as well as the marketplace they operate in. These new models will bring about new ways of making money and conducting business in the Information Age. A number of multi-billion dollar companies and industries have been created as a result of this technological change.

As with any technological change, companies that are able to adapt quickly and efficiently will outperform those that do not, leaving them to the same fate that ultimately befell the dinosaurs. SaaS is catching the attention of a lot of people, and for good reason.

It reduces the price of bandwidth, and it also allows computing to be more rapidly made available for numerous devices, which will naturally lead to a productive increase on the part of the end-user. Both SOA and Web 2.0 have valid uses in their own right. The web has become valuable to consumers precisely because both responsiveness and scale are very valuable, and security and integrity are equally important.

While it is unlikely that either consumers or businesses will be quick to replace their current systems, they will be interested in taking advantage of the flexibility that is offered by Web 2.0. Organizations will naturally add support for their server software that is IT based, and they will utilize supplied services from SaaS tools in order to generate software and services which are melded, and they will do this based on passing systems that use connected messages. This is very efficient because it gives organizations the ability to make sure the proper level of data integrity is maintained, both for their partners as well as their customers

The Software and Services Architecture

In a world where both SOA and SaaS work together seamlessly, the services will be given through providers or enterprises, and they will be transformed into new services. There is also a possibility that they will be mashed into devices to create systems which are flexible and adaptable.

Microsoft has made it clear that the "one size fits all" methodology will not be likely to succeed for SaaS architecture. Microsoft has also stated that it believes that enterprises will be comprised of things such as devices which are individual, along with services which are supplied via the SaaS configuration. Doing this will allow for a service platform which is complete.

In addition to the service platform mentioned above, there are many cross platform processes that will need to be considered, and some of these include the management of both relationships as well as identities, as well as services for both search and discovery, and the management of content.

These are important because they provide support for both users and partners throughout the SaaS architecture. This cross platform structure is extremely robust because it is constructed based on an structured layer which is federated, and it is done so for services which are distributed throughout the organization. They all work together to offer a service platform which is complete.

Relationship and Reputation

RR could be thought of as being the foundational layer for all the components that comprise the Service Platform, and the reason for this is because it offers the security and leadership which is necessary for all the other layers. There are numerous layers available, and they begin at the lowest level and are responsible for signing on support, as well as access control with identity.

The RR layer must also provide support for the concepts and relationships which are associated with individuals, and the roles they all play. The issue of trust is above the relationship layer, and this is so that it offers an amount of trust based on the individual, and it offers support for rating.

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