Virtual Job Fairs

Even with recession, there are still traditional job fairs conducted in various cities around the country. If you have visited one of these job fairs, you already know how many people are looking for a job today. Job fairs today are packed with unemployed as well as fresh graduates that it could take hours before being interviewed.

Some even just give up since they cannot concentrate with massive number of applicants also vying for the limited jobs offered by different companies that were kind enough to open their doors for new employees.

Because of the human traffic everyone now experiences in traditional job fairs, companies and different job search sites are now initiating “virtual job fairs”. To fully understand this, there are two forms of virtual job fairs. The first form is where everyone signs up with a website and on a predetermined time and data, log in so that they can browser through companies and chat with the interviewers.

Instead of falling in line, job seekers can seek work at the comforts of their home. The second form of virtual job fairs will still require candidates to appear in a predetermined location. But instead of lining up to be interviewed, everyone visit kiosks where information about companies seeking employees is available. You can bring your memory cards or flash drives in order to upload your resumes.

The advantage of virtual job fairs is not only based on the job seekers who don’t want to fall in line for hours just for an interview. Companies also benefit from virtual job fairs since they can easily search through the information provided by job applicants. Instead of manually reading each resume, companies can just search for the word that signifies education or experienced from the applicants. This can be done since resumes and cover letters have become digital and highly accessible.

Although virtual job fairs may look at lot like regular job fairs, the conditions are very different. In virtual job fairs, your resume is your main ticket to be recognized instead of an interview in regular job fairs. You need to create a very appealing resume as regular resumes may not even be viewed by screeners.

Also make sure that you are familiar with the processes of virtual job fairs so that you don’t end up confused. Virtual job fairs lasts for a day or two so you only have one chance to do the process right. Be careful in each stage of the job hiring process and read the instructions.

Virtual job fairs can ease your job hunting. As companies use the internet and technology to reach out to as many candidates as possible, job seekers have to respond as well in order to be noticed and eventually be hired for the available position.

But even with the ease in job hunting, an extra effort in improving resume, cover letter and other documents should be implemented. As these documents become the point of interest for many interviewers in virtual job fairs, you need to improve them significantly.

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