SaaS Backup and Recovery Services

Today, digital information has become a critical asset, both for individual users as well as organizations. Being able to improve data availability, as well as recovery and utilization of storage is among one of the most important issues for small business owners.

At the same time, businesses may be challenged when it comes to working with limited resources, as well as the time that is necessary to manage the growing amounts of data that are being generated. This has lead to a number of important risks, most notably the risk of data security. Another issue of concern is downtime and compliance with regulations. One solution which has been designed to solve these many problems is SaaS, or Software as a Service.

Software as a Service is extremely powerful because it is opening doors that were previously difficult for small and medium sized businesses to open, and this is managing IT services which are both cost effective and simple to manage at the same time. One thing that business owners of all sizes have to remember is that data is increasing, and it will continue to increase.

While business growth should always be seen as a good sign of success, it also means that there is a lot more you must protect. A bigger and more profitable company means that you have more to lose in the event of a disaster. One of the greatest risks that organizations face today are problems with disk storage. Studies have shown that disk storage will grow 50% each year.

This logically means that the capacity for protecting data must also grow with the data itself. The growth of data means that the small businesses will need to figure out methods of enhancing their IT structures along with their recovery processes, because if they do not do it they face a number of risks.

Some of these risks include being unable to get their data in the event of an emergency, not being in compliance because they are unable to get data which is secured for a certain period of time, and being exposed to both hardware failure along with business outages. The first step in dealing with many of these problem is to use Software as a Service. SaaS can handle many of these issues because you can enjoy critical IT services that are on-demand.

How SaaS can Help Organizations

SaaS helps in dealing with data capacity issues.  SaaS applications are generally hosted by the vendors, and are leveraged via the Internet in order to offer a service that is subscription based, this means that there is no large investment up front, and businesses get to enjoy enhanced reliability with a reduced need for staff support.

ADP is a popular SaaS service that is based on payroll, and is known for its CRMS tools. Fresh SaaS solutions are being created all the time which can extend the many capabilities of the IT infrastructure, as well as offering applications that can protect your IT infrastructure through back up and recovery tools. Handling data is difficult and often involves a
lot of risk.

With SaaS these risks can either be eliminated or greatly reduced. The biggest concern that all IT managers have are the reliability of their services and the security of their data. They also want to be sure that they are able to recover their data in the event of an emergency or disaster.

One problem that many businesses have is that they need access to technology which is enterprise level but they have neither the capital or resources to acquire it. It is for this reason that SaaS was developed. It allows for the back up of data, along with storage and recovery that can be maintained and upgraded. One feature that is becoming more popular today is online back up.

What is Online Back Up

Online back up is a special tool designed by Vaulten that is useful for both companies and individuals, and you are charged based on a "pay as you go" structure. What this essentially means is that you are only charged when the services and capacity are used.

Vaulten offers an online back up which is both automated and very secure, but most importantly, it is reliable. It can offer an online back up for critical data which is extremely important to small and medium sized businesses. it also deals with the issue of data protection for businesses who do not have a reliable means of storing and concealing their data.

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