Maximizing Job Search Engine Result

There are many job search sites to choose from for fresh graduates. While this setting offers the advantage of getting the best job possible, it’s a little bit difficult to deal with. Because of the sheer number of job search sites, sticking to one job search site is not recommended.

You have to sign up for a good number of job search engines just to be updated with the latest vacancies. This is very important in today’s economy since there are few vacancies out there so it’s important to be part of many job search sites to be properly updated.

Manually working on different job search engines is still a good way to get the latest vacancies. There are techniques that you can employ so that you’ll be able to get the best vacancies without having too much trouble.

Signing Up Without Too Much Data

Many websites allow you to search for jobs without signing up. However, the search results of those job search sites are not customizable. If you want to have search results that you need, you should sign up and inform them about the career or the job that you are looking for.

But you don’t have to give out everything in every job search site. Give them the needed information but not everything so that you’ll save time and sign up to as many job search sites as possible.

Just be smart on the type of job search sites that you have to sign up for. As much as possible, select a few general job search websites as well as industry specific job search sites. This mix will give you the chance to be updated to as many vacancies as possible.

Using RSS Feeds

Visiting every job search website just to get updated with the latest vacancies will require a lot of time and effort. But another technique could ease that problem. RSS or Really Simple Syndication feeds will allow you to be updated with the latest information that you need. Different job search websites allow RSS feeds along with email update so users will be able to get some updates on the latest job vacancies. You can collect the feeds and place them in one reader.

RSS feeds are readable from feed readers. There are online feed readers that you can use without any fee so you’ll be able to read the latest job vacancies in a single webpage.


Knowing the latest news regarding job search and industries is also part of your research. Sign up for different newsletters in different job search websites. Many websites offer advice on how to land a job by perfecting your resume and interviews. Others are just the latest news on which industries are improving or having some trouble which should give you a heads up on what you need to do to excel.

Harness these job search sites. They may require a little bit of effort on your end but they are only at the start. Once you created a good feed and signed up for newsletters, you’ll be updated and have the latest news as early as possible.

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