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While businesses can greatly benefit through implementing SaaS in their organizations, they can also gain additional benefits through being SaaS providers. This is particularly true for businesses that function in the capacity of entities which are dependent, like resellers and franchises, which lead to very strong business connections.

At the same time, having an IT process which is poor can cause problems, and the same can be said for the transfer of information. To give you an example of this, think of the typical fast food chain. Many of the restaurants will be owned by franchisees who are responsible for contracting the franchiser for the recipes.

The franchisees won’t have either the people nor the budget which is necessary to build satellite structures inside their own location, so a lot of the communication which occurs among this must be done in the older ways: snail mail, phone calls, or meetings every so often in the district office.

By having a stronger relationship with the main business and its franchisees, the quality of services could be dramatically increased through enhancing the transfer of information, which allows some of the processes to become automated. This is where SaaS should be carefully considered. When a company chooses to become an SaaS provider, the primary business has the option of hosting many things.

For instance, the business could host specific applications which are available for the franchisees, and they could also take care of those business functions which include things such as accounting, loyalty programs, and the control of inventory. These applications can be used by franchisees all over the world, and the only thing they need is a basic computer with an Internet connection. This type of arrangement is useful to all parties involved.

The franchisees would benefit greatly since they must deal with applications that they normally wouldn’t have access to. In addition, the usage of these tool via the franchisees gives the franchise the ability to get rapid feedback and info which will lead to greater business intelligence.

Additional SaaS Provider Advantages

Another reason why a business might choose to become an SaaS provider is simply because if it has successfully created an IT structure which can be monetized, then this means that it can be offered to the other organizations.

For instance, banks which have created an advanced system for detecting fraud for the inner company usage could create a commercialized form of this tool, and they could offer it in the form of a subscription for the SaaS application. The identical principles which make it useful for this enterprise to take up the services on the net should make it useful to offer services for the cloud as well. As you can see, the uses for SaaS are virtually endless.

Organizations would do well to think about the flexibility that is involved with SaaS, as well as the risk management issues that must be considered. This should be done "before" the organization decides to incorporate it into their IT infrastructure.

One thing that organizations must keep in mind is that integration plays an important role in the architectural strategy, and it is necessary for properly incorporating SaaS within the infrastructure that is service centric. It is also important to remember that the future for the organization and its computing won’t simply be a matter of the cloud. Harmony must be maintained within the IT infrastructure at all times.

Additional Considerations

A centric layer which is designed for the user will be responsible for showcasing the data which is composite, and it will show this data to the user in a form which is centralized and integrated. I should also add that it will be task focused.

This means that it will offer data along with decision making functionalities, allowing the user to take better actions and make wiser decisions. This is one of the greatest potential uses of Information Technology which is service centric, since it combines the ultimate aspects of a variety of different applications in order to create a system which is tailored towards the needs of the user.

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