Knowing Ruby on Rails

Ruby on Rails, RoR or simple Rails is one of the most popular frameworks for applications development. The framework was created by David Heinemeier Hansson which was first offered in 2004. However, the full implementation of the framework was only made available in February 2005.

The framework is currently under MIT License which allows developers to use Rails for any purpose. Although the framework does not guarantee any efficiency, it has become one of the most efficient frameworks not only because of its extensive library but also of its robust community.

This framework is built according to Agile software development method. This method pushes for applications development faster and, more often, easier for developers so that they could provide applications in time with the same efficiency.

As the name suggests, the framework uses the programming language Ruby so that it could effectively build applications in no time. Since it is launching, Rails has been closely associated in building online applications with emphasis on the client side.

Certain programming techniques such as Ajax are currently being used to provide client side and Rails is constantly being considered as one of the frameworks to effectively build Ajax based applications. The mere fact that Rails eases the development stages of the highly complicated Ajax, developers are drawn to Rails.

Rails Packages

Rails come in different versions which are specifically geared towards the goal of the developer.

  • ActiveRecord – This version of rails is intended for businesses that are data intensive. Through this framework, applications will have ease in navigating through different data as they will be easily categorized and placed with logic for ease of extraction. It does not require any XML, can work with the most popular database applications of today and provides efficient threading through built in applications in Rails.
  • ActiveResource – This form of rails is geared towards development of online applications or more specifically, web services. ActiveResource uses RESTful (Representational State Transfer) in order to build different forms of web services. Before RESTful, ActiveResource uses SOAP (Simple Object Access Protocol) but later changed it RESTful to improve efficiency of the application.
  • ActionPack – A form of rails geared towards more control of the application development. Logic and a template will be created with the help of ActionPack and developers will be freely able to make some changes based on their preferences.
  • ActiveSupport – By itself ActiveSupport is not a form of framework. However, it is highly important for Rails developer as ActiveSupport contains additional tools which are very useful in building an application.
  • ActionMailer – As the name suggests, this type of Rails framework is geared towards email services.
  • Plug-ins – Rails also provides a framework for development of plug-ins.

Unique Features

Rails have become a popular framework for developing an application because it offers something, a highly reliable framework that could help developers build an application in no time.

The “out of the box” approach of Rails has made it possible to build an application without the need of extensive set up. When properly installed, developers could immediately interact with the interface that will help them quickly outline the application.

This type of framework also uses tools that will ensure on time representation of the development of the application. The “scaffolding” technique through Rake application provides developers a good idea on what their application would look like even before it is fully completed. Animation and other heavy data could be easily launched in Rails because it uses a web server to support data streaming.

Design Goals

Ruby on Rails aims to aid developers ease the development time of their application and they are trying to do it with two development philosophies: “Convention over Configuration” and “Don’t Repeat Yourself”.

Through CoC, less coding should be expected as this framework emphasize more on understanding what the developer is trying to command rather than pushing the developer to code some more just to get it done.

On the other hand “Don’t Repeat Yourself” aims to aid developers deduct more coding from their application by aiding them retrieve certain functions without strict coding.

The design goals of Ruby on Rails are also one of reasons why developers are attracted to this powerful framework. As their aim in building an application is to provide robust performance without extensive work, developers could build efficient application faster. 

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