Working on Authlogic in Rails

Ruby on Rails have been used for developing powerful Ajax based applications nearly as early as the programming technique was introduced. The rapid improvement of Ruby on Rails along with other frameworks have allowed developers to build client side applications with relative ease. Functions are already laid out by Rails and developers just have to add information and variables in order to develop an application according to the preferences of developers.

One of the best features of Rails is its focus on security. As Ajax is a programming tool developed to build online applications, it is necessary to add powerful security features. Rails can provide this feature leading to powerful application without any trouble.

Security in Authlogic

The best security feature developers can add with the use of Rails is Authlogic. This form of function implements a powerful log-in feature in the application. But even though it has powerful security features, Authlogic is relatively simple to implement as it can be integrated in the online application with few lines. The authentication will also keep up with the user’s interaction with the application which will prevent inside shortcuts.

Smart Authenticating Tool

Aside from a powerful security tool that can be added in Ajax based applications, Authlogic is also considered as "smart" authenticating protocol for Ajax based applications. While ensuring that proper authentication is observed, the tool can also be used to offer alternatives to users.

For example, if the user is unable to log in to the online application, the application will offer alternatives such as retrieving the password through email or signing up for a new account. The Authlogic can be configured to do many things in relation to authentication sessions. But even though developers can change so many things in Authlogic, the key aspects in improving security in the application are still in place.

Public API Features

Rails developers have been working with Authlogic for a few months since it was released. The reception on the security tool is very impressive that it has been adopted by various developers. This adoption actually lead to something better as more developers wanted to create small variations geared for specific needs. These variations were released as an API and could be implemented with the same ease as the original code.

Hook with a Twist

Authlogic is a very smart authenticating tool that can do a lot of things for the developer. But it can easily get complicated for developers since it will slowly require functions from developers who wanted to add more features in authentication. This should be prevented since the functions in the authentication page will require more functions than the application itself.

Authlogic is a highly recommended authentication tool that can be part of many online applications. It’s smart, easy to integrate and comes with a variety of API that eases implementation. As long as developers simplify the implementation, using Authlogic in the application can increase the security of many online applications without using too much resource from users.

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