Tips to Move from Business to Employment

When Small business owners need to go back job hunting, the transition could be challenging since they will enter a world where they will be ordered and they have to go through the same hiring process they implement.

To help business owners to deal with these challenges, the following are tips on how to go back to job hunting.

1. Review your technique – if the last time you’ve hunted for a job was five years ago, you better review your techniques. There are new tools that you can use right now that were not available the last time you searched for a job. Review extensively on current interview techniques as well as online tips since they have significantly shaped the way companies hire and review their candidates for the position.

2. Highlight your skills related to the industry – you don’t have to brag about your small businesses wherein you order people to do their job. Highlight your experience in the industry instead so that they see you as someone who can give the best tips to survive the challenges of the industry. Implying that you are a business leader can lead to bad assumptions. The mere fact that you have to go back to job hunting is already a testimony that you have trouble in keeping up with the challenges of being a business leader for now.

3. Seek opportunities – many small business owners think that they can still earn as much as they used to when they have a business. Don’t fall for this assumption. Look for opportunities and be thankful on what you can get. Job hunting during recession is very challenging because of limited vacancy. Simply be thankful on what you can get for now as this can help financially help you get through recession.

4. Call your contacts – it’s impossible for a business owner not to have contacts since they are the source of additional services and products for the business. Call your contacts once again so that you can be referred to a vacancy or might be hired if they have a vacancy. If you had good business relations with your contacts, they will most likely hire you because you have already shown your skills and abilities that can help the company.

5. Seek assistance – If you feel the challenges in getting the job you want is too much, get someone who can help you. You might end up paying a headhunter to land a job but the investment is worth it as he or she can refer you to good vacancies that will fit your skills and experience.

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