Basic Tips for Fresh Graduates

One of the often ignored parts of the resume is the recommendations page. This is the part of the resume wherein you add some contact information so that the human resource could double check if the information you provided is true or if your character is fitting for the company. Experienced individuals often add this in their resume but fresh graduates would often ignore this since they do not know anyone in the industry who would recommend them.

But this part of the resume should never be left out. In fact, this should be considered as important since you still do not have job yet and you need all the help you can get to gain the confidence of the employer.

Getting Recommendations

There are many people you can ask for recommendations. As a general rule, the only people you cannot ask for recommendation from are your immediate family or someone that is in the same position or experience. You can ask your teacher to be your reference or the company you worked with as an intern.

You just have to remember that these people should be familiar to you and you are not just another name. If they are related to the industry that would be good but it does not really matter. What is important is that they could vouch for your character.

Resume Information

Never, in any way, falsify information in your resume. Do not think that since your resume is already impressive, you do not have to write anything the contact person’s page or just write a random number since they will never be called anyway.

Always think that these screeners will call the people in the resume for almost about anything related to your job. If they see numbers and will not be able to reach any of the people, you will be called and asked if there are additional references you could provide. Others just drop you in the list of candidates since you are not able to come up with someone they can talk to.

Common Courtesy

When you are thinking of getting someone as your reference person your resume, be sure to tell them about it. Even though how familiar you are with the person and you are sure that you will be given a good recommendation, it is just wrong to give their name to someone.

If they are never aware that you gave their name to the human resource, they will never be prepared with an answer. Although human resources will always be looking for ways to surprise the reference person so that they would have an honest answer, giving them the heads up will easily give you the chance to be highly recommended.

Never leave out the reference page in your resume. This will be your source of additional boost since as a fresh graduate; you do not have any experience yet. Be sure to get someone who really knows you and would truly vouch for you in your prospective employer. Inform them about the call and they will be more than happy to help you get a job.

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