Fresh Graduates Job Hunting Tricks

There are a lot of job hunting tricks you can use to gain employment. Unfortunately, not every trick in the book is feasible for everyone. As a fresh graduate, there are certain ways that you can use to get the attention of companies. You need to be a little bit “tricky” in terms of gaining a good job not only because of recession but also the lack of experience is not an easy fact some companies will look over.

Target  Companies

There are a lot of companies that you can consider based on the industry and education you are in. But that does not mean that you have to give out your resume to all companies in the same industry. While it is true that you are increasing your chances of getting hired, your ability to focus on getting hired could significantly go down.

Conflicting schedule on interviews could easily ruin your reputation to some companies. It might even be possible that your resume will not be edited that easily because you just hurry to send out those documents.

Simple Internet Tricks

One of the easiest ways to find an available job is to go online. Different job search companies are and even internet giants have dedicated sections for available jobs around the country.

But these sites should only be for information purposes. Go directly to the company website instead. By directly connecting to these companies your resume would be delivered faster. If you go through different job sites, your resume might not be found and the data may not be updated.


This might be a little bit odd considering blogging could only become a hobby for some but by writing what you know online, you are increasing your chances of being hired. You are basically showing what your expertise in the industry.

Not only that, you are also improving your chances of being hired as you meet more people online while trying to learn about the industry. This is also a form of networking – and a very powerful one. You can get access to a lot of news as well as tips on company openings and opportunities that are not even displayed in different job search websites.


Aside from blogging, volunteering could be one of the oddest yet effective ways in getting a good job. When you volunteer, you work with a lot of personalities – usually volunteers who are willing to help their fellow volunteers. Think of it as another way of networking but instead of going through a lot of awkward moments wherein you try to gain their attention for networking, your fellow volunteers can easily extend their assistance to you.

This, of course, will require time and patience since you have to spend a lot of time helping other people without any financial reward. But if you do not have a job today, why not use the spare time to help others? It’s a simple effort with a lot of rewards – psychologically and financially.

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