Career Tips for Unemployed Fresh Graduates

Fresh graduates and young professionals have a higher chance of being unemployed today. Recession has forced companies to close down or cut their operations which, either way, forced job losses by hundreds or even thousands.

A few months ago, job loss is thought to be only on companies who offer luxury items or services.  Essential products and services are also being affected today as they announce massive job cuts. This situation is not only felt in one country as the whole world is bracing for recession which could greatly affect the lives of millions or even billions worldwide.

The young professionals will have a hard time getting a job during recession. But that does not mean they would have financial trouble ahead. There are still ways on how to thrive in this looming economy for fresh graduates. As a young professional, they have the ability to adapt, improve and even unlearn some things just to make sure they would fit to a new career.

The Business Approach

Versatility to thrive in recession for young graduates is not only based in careers. They also have the ability to make some changes and improvements in what they know to establish a good business.

Some would refute the idea of starting a business because of the current recession. Even small businesses are feeling the pinch of recession. This should be taken into consideration when starting a business but this only happens in a wider environment.

You need to examine the local economic conditions. Although the general feeling about the hardship in recession is there, not everyone is having a hard time dealing with it. There is still a chance that your community is striving well.

But even if the local community is not doing well, there are still services based on recession that a fresh graduate could consider. Discovering these businesses only require creativity and a little research. There will always be something that you can offer to your community that might have some profit during recession.

The “Bridge”

The rising unemployment, if you take a look at it carefully, is only based on the fact that large companies are opting to close down. Although there are blue collared jobs lost, the number is a lot less compared to white collared jobs.

In short, the jobs that are lost today are mostly jobs that offer great pay with great benefits. These types of jobs offer a great career and a great chance to live a good life. But because of recession, these types of jobs are now gone and if there are a few left; the chances of fresh graduates getting them are very small.

For that reason, pushing yourself to that type of job is not really viable. They could just get you frustrated as competition to these jobs is very fierce.  In the meantime, consider having a job that could be considered as a “bridge” or a temporary job that could pay your basic needs. These are simple jobs that will be used until the economy is back on its feet.

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