How to Avoid Job Search Frustration

Experts agree that 2009 is not a good year for most job seekers. Because of recession, many companies have opted to temporary stop their operations or even completely close down – leaving thousands out of job with a blink of an eye. Naturally, looking for a new job is now difficult.

This is a very gloomy situation for fresh graduates. No matter what their enthusiasm on the possibility of starting a new career, the chances of getting hired for their dream job or just in their preferred industry is fading. Either the competition for a single position is too stiff or there is no one hiring right now.

Because of the scarcity of good jobs or jobs that promises a career, frustration could easily set in to fresh graduates. Some even give up on their dream that they opted to work in fast food chains and coffee shops. Although these jobs could provide salary for the basic needs, it is just not enough and the chances of growing in this form of industry are very slim.

But frustration should never get the best of you. You are the only loser in this game if you decided to give up. You have toiled for four years (or more) in college. The sacrifice you had during your college years will all be for nothing if you give up right now.

Taking a Break

If you really cannot find work right now, why not take a break for a while? Pushing yourself to different interviews and writing different types of resume and cover letters with the thought that you will never be hired is never a good thing. It is like going into battle when you already know that you will eventually lose.

Give yourself a break for a while so that you can evaluate your strategy or technique sometimes, knowing what you did wrong cannot be easily noticed unless you stop and think about it. Although acing an interview or in your resume might take time and practice, you can only be successful through time if you evaluate what you did. Doing the wrong thing over and over again will never make it right.

Consider Related Industries

You may not know it, but you might be barking the wrong tree for a career. There are times that an industry in you area are already overflowing with talents that they cannot just add one more. No matter how talented or good you are, they are not just ready to add more people. And during these troubling economic times, that scenario is possible.

Instead of pushing yourself to an industry with less chance of acceptance, look for a career on other industries instead. Every industry will always have a relative industry that you can consider.

But some would object since your education points to another career. That maybe right but you do not have any job from that industry right now. Relative industries will still acknowledge your education as long as you have the skills they need.  Do not be frustrated: there are still companies that are hiring today. Just take your time to consider your options so that you will have the right decision.

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