Career Change: 5 Myths About Career Options

If you are above thirty-five years old and are deciding on a career change, you may have been told that the situation could be different at your age. As it is, workers everywhere are facing a lot of obstacles, and competition among peers is stiff that people deciding on a career change midlife are bound to face a bigger hurdle. But as you should know, this is just a myth. 

You will hear plenty of these myths when you mention your plans to your friends and family; when the real hurdle doesn’t reside out there, but in you.

Here are five career change myths that you need to disregard:

Myth 1: You are too old; a career change is too late. The reality is you can shift careers at whatever age you may be and the only one to stop you from doing that is yourself. The reason why your friends or family may be surprised at your decision will probably have to do with concern for you.

Our society regard career change as something good the younger set must consider because the young ones have plenty of time and opportunity to explore their options. A career change for someone of your status may mean you could be entering an unfamiliar situation. Will you be able to handle the stress of change? If you have the conviction and the motivation to pursue your goals despite the disapproval from others, then you can make things happen.

Myth 2: It is also too late to learn and be good at a new career. Bear in mind that everyone has a learning curve and everyone needs to learn from what they do. That’s how successful endeavors are made. One of the reasons why people seek a change in career is so that they meet new challenges; therefore think of this as that challenge. Not technical savvy like most people?

Then learn at becoming more proficient. If you let change intimidate you, then of course, you will hinder yourself from learning anything. But if you recognize the areas where you need to improve on, you might just find that mastering these areas will be a lot more gratifying. Just be sure to give yourself time and know when to stop pushing yourself.

Myth 3: Changing careers take a lot of risk. Of course, it does. A career change will shift your life dramatically. But if you don’t do something because you are too afraid to risk it, yet you keep considering a career change year after year, that feeling won’t go away. You will find yourself questioning your career direction and these questions will be hounding your thoughts.

If your motivation and desire to switch jobs is stronger, then maybe there is something that you need to do. Not everyone who made that big leap had a plan. But anyone can be successful at a career change, even without a well-laid plan, as long as the motivation and drive is there.

Myth 4: I could start at the bottom if I change my career. That is, not unless you are someone with zero experience at being in the work force. In your years of working, you certainly have acquired skills, perspective and wisdom that only time can mold. That is your edge over the younger competition, who have yet to acquire theirs in due time. Get to know yourself and what you’re capable of. Sell yourself and highlight these assets in your job interviews. Impress your prospective employer.

Myth 5: There is a perfect career tailored just for you. The truth is there are plenty of jobs which can be potentially perfect for you. You may have come across these jobs except that you failed to recognize the opportunity. Exploring new careers open new options, which then open the possibility that your new job could be the perfect job. Why pass the opportunity again? In considering a new job there is only one question you have to answer and it is not, “What’s the best for my career?” The question you should be asking yourself is “What do I want from my career? “ 

Changing careers is not just about doing what is right. It is actually more of following your passion, so that you can eventually go into the right direction. Learn to act on your passion, let go of the fear and live with the choices you make.

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