Switching to Another Job

Finding a job after college has its challenges. You need to provide extra effort just to be hired by a company you want to work for. Without any experience and additional education, you need to carefully study what you have to write in your resume and cover letter. You also have to prepare for your interview so that you can answer any challenging question. If you display competency as well as confidence in answering those questions, you should be hired by the company even though you have to go through a lot of competition.

But being hired after a difficult process doesn’t necessarily mean the company would be according to what you expect it. Sometimes a company that you dream of working for is just too much for you. It could be the culture, the salary and even the long commute that you have to deal with everyday. At first glance they could be a good company to work for but you feel that your career is going nowhere if you stay in the same company for years.

Avoid Haste in Career Change

Thinking of transferring to another company or career because you don’t like your chances in your first job is actually ok. But that doesn’t mean that you have to submit your resignation latter immediately. There are certain things that you need to cover before you make that resignation letter.

But there’s something that you shouldn’t do: being hasty and impulsive. As a fresh graduate, you’re still young and really don’t care a lot about your options right now. As long as you can get out of the company faster the better.

Before you do that, think of the repercussions it will do to your career. If you resign immediately, your records will indicate that you have been in the company for only a few months. That record will not look good in your resume and finding a new job would be challenging.

If possible, stay on the same job for at least six months. This is usually the timeframe for employees before they are finally offered with a permanent position. Six months is short enough for you to endure but long enough to look good in your resume.

Do Your Best

One of the easiest ways of getting a new job after you resign is to do your best before you actually hand in your resignation letter. You have to provide a lasting impression of being a productive employee to your boss. That could be easily achieved if you do things right on the remaining months at work.

The reason why doing well at the end is the best ticket for another job is that companies would often check on their previous employer before actually hiring them. If you have done a good job, then they could provide a good feedback for you.

It doesn’t really matter if you have an impressive resume and great interview if your previous employer will provide a bad feedback about your work ethics. Be good at the end and be sure that your soon-to-be-former employer will help you land a good job.

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