Simple Tips to follow Before You Quit Job

You don’t have to force yourself to work in a company you don’t like. You can easily transfer to another company or just quit and take it easy until a new opportunity comes. Working in a company that you are not at ease will only give you stress and could be dangerous for your health and for your career. When you have exhausted your options to make the company or work experience better, it’s time to move on.

But even though you don’t like your work, it doesn’t mean that you can just leave the company hanging by going AWOL (absent without leave). Unless you’re planning not to work again, you should leave gracefully so that the company will give you a good feedback when you transfer to another company.

Before you leave the company, here are other things that you should or should not do:

Keep it secret 

If you’re transferring to another company in the same industry, letting the company know that you are leaving them for another company before you send in your resignation letter is a very bad thing. If they know you will be transferring to another company, they might have the chance of terminating you even before you resign. By being terminated this will really look bad in your resume and during your interview.

Do not use the company phone for personal use

That means do not use the company phone in any way especially for an interview. Even though the company doesn’t have complicated gadgets to record and monitor all your phone calls, you actions in the office will get suspicious. You’re lucky if the upper management will not notice that you are actually receiving phone calls that will talk to you about your upcoming job in another company.

Do not search for a job using the company computer/internet 

Monitoring the employees’ internet activities and emails is very easy. The company you are working for doesn’t even have to pay for thousands of dollars to monitor your internet and email while at work. If they see you are really keen in looking for another job that you hit a job search website everyday, they might as well terminate you since you are more preoccupied in looking for a job than working and be productive.

Work hard until the last day

They say first impression will last forever but not until you mess it up in your last few days at work. Before you resign, be sure to work really and even usually better. That will give your co-workers or even the upper management a good impression about you before you leave. When the new company asks for references, you can easily refer them to your previous companies and they will give their highest remarks because they have a good last impression about you.

Leaving a company doesn’t mean you have to ignore them days or weeks before you resign. Be sure to be discreet in looking for another job and leave them a good impression so that you’ll have great references when looking for a new job.

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