Top 5 Reasons Why You Need a Career Change

For many people, a change in career takes place more than three times in their life. Reasons for this vary. There are those who make the change because the reality is that people make mistakes in choosing their career paths and would therefore like to correct that by aiming for what they really want.

There are those who make the change as a way of moving forward, a career upgrade if you will. And there are those who make the change because new challenges come into their life bringing new perspectives, new paths, new excitement and all for personal growth.

But as with every change, a career adjustment is one big crucial step a person takes.  And as it is crucial, it is not something you do on a whim, believing that things will eventually fall where they belong; because that’s a gamble you might just regret taking. Career changing requires an informed decision, so that you will be able to make better choices to secure your future. You have to take steps to achieve your goal better.

And the first step is to determine why you need a career change. There must be a reason why you’re suddenly losing interest with your job. What could those reasons be? Determining the current problems you have will give you a perspective of what you really want to happen, career-wise. This will help you pick the right path.

Below are the top five reasons why people consider changing their jobs.

Because your life is changing

You were probably a bachelor living just for yourself when you first started your job. But as the years went by, you have been married, had two lovely kids and made yourself a family; and they all depend on you for their needs. Providing for their needs may not be enough with the current work, so you look for other options and consider a career change. Or you could be a new mother who needs to be home earlier to attend to your child. And you current job demands a lot from you that you’re away from home most of the time. You therefore consider a career change, one that has a more adaptable schedule so you could balance between work and home.

Because you have started hating your job

Experiencing a job burn-out. People in relationships grow apart. It’s the same for workers and their jobs. Especially if the job you’re in isn’t exactly what’s helping you advance. There will come a time when routines will make your work less exciting or boring. There will come a time when you will lose your passion for work because doing the same thing everyday may have already worn you out. You begin to assess if you will ever have a chance to grow or climb the corporate ladder. When you realize you may be stuck in a rut, it may be time for you to consider a career change.

Experiencing too much stress. Stress at work is normal, but some careers are inherently demanding that it breaks you mentally, physically and emotionally.  You need to stop and think. Careers should be challenging. But not too challenging, that it damages your sanity.

Because your current job is actually just a bridge to the career you really want

We all need to start somewhere so most of us take on jobs we consider as temporary or just a stepping stone to our actual goals. But if you’ve been in that temporary job for more than three years, something must have gone wrong with your career plan. Now is the time to consider moving on to better things.

Because you are toying with the idea of becoming your own boss

Eventually, everyone wants to become their own boss. And you might be one of those people who consider job satisfaction as a main motivation, other than a steady earning. What gives you more satisfaction than becoming your own boss?  Entrepreneurship could be the answer you are looking for.  

Because your company may be downsizing

Unfortunately, economic conditions may lead your company to downsize and trim the staff roster. Who’s to say you won’t be spared? You may find yourself suddenly unemployed because of this so before it happens, think ahead and start looking for opportunities. 

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