Building Career Outside Cubicle

You often read regarding jobs, productivity and career which are based on desk jobs or jobs within the cubicles. Many aim to end up in a cubicle and work in an eight hour shift so that they would work in a controlled environment.

The pay is already known to be more than enough and the chances for career advancement are always a possibility. Through these articles, tips and information are given so that one day, you will end up with a desk job of your choice with good chances of advancement.

But there are those who cannot even think of working in a cubicle for one day. A career in the office is not just their cup of tea since they are looking for adventure and physical challenge at work.

If it is your first time to look for a job, don’t just limit yourself to desk jobs. The world is not just based on who works in the cubicle. There are hundreds of jobs that offer more than just an eight hour shift. As long as you are willing to take on the challenge, you should find success in one of these careers.

Skills and Adventure Combined

Success at work outside the cubicle does not necessarily require education. For example, a college degree is not a prerequisite in becoming a truck driver. But you do need skills to succeed in the industry.

You could be a truck driver but you still need to learn how to fix engines or else you cannot move forward even with simple mechanical problems. You can study to excel in this aspect but you still need to display the skills needed.

The best part of jobs outside the cubicle is that they are never the same everyday. There will always be adventures and challenges ahead. A fireman rarely goes to the same building to put out a fire. You will always have to deal with different situations and adapt to it as soon as possible. You practically don’t know what you’ll end up doing when you report to work.

Physical Requirements

Another consideration you should remember is the physical requirements for work. But the physical requirement varies. For a postman, the ability to work hours outside walking is the basic requirement.

If you have a healthy body and could deal with walking for hours, then you should be successful in this job. But that type of capability will not work for those in construction.

Make sure you have a healthy body through consistent exercise and healthy diet to be successful in careers outside the cubicles.

The Financial Rewards

The best part of working outside your home is the financial reward. In a cubicle setting, you already have a set salary with a few bonuses and benefits. But non-cubicle jobs could earn as much as they can especially on those who are on contracts or single projects. If they work really hard, they will definitely earn more. The benefits are even better since they have to be insured to protect their career.

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