Establishing a Fallback Job

Getting a good job is one thing but making sure that you will stay in that job for a very long time is another. Today’s volatile market has left almost every business scrambling to survive.

Even government jobs are in trouble because of cost cutting measures.  It is practically a rat race if you want to survive in your job position and sometimes, you end up being the loser and end up getting terminated.

Before that dreaded day comes wherein you will be instructed to pack your things and wait for the termination pay, make sure you have a Plan B or a fallback in case this dreaded day happens.

Looking for a Fallback

While you are still employed, it is advisable to check popular job websites or the classified ads regarding job opportunities within your field. The advantage about searching for a job while still employed is that you will have a clearer decision and not a rushed job.

One of the common career mistakes is to rush to another just because you have been unemployed for a very long time. While at work, you can compare benefits and career advancement opportunities that you have right now and what is out there.

Be careful in searching for a job while at work. It is very important to be as discreet as possible and to never do it in your work time and area. Research available jobs online when you are at home.

If your employer notices that you are looking for another job two things may happen, he will panic and present a counteroffer or terminate you because you are not loyal and distracted at work. More often than not, the latter will happen to you.

Applying for the Fallback

There are times where the fallback job is better than your present work. You may apply discreetly for this job but never say “yes” immediately and ask to give you time when you are offered with a job.  It is just common courtesy that you will inform your present employer you have found a better job.

If they make a better counteroffer, you can still back out to the fallback offer and save your reputation. If you accept the offer but later back out because of a better counteroffer, you may lose your fallback option permanently.

All is Well that Ends Well

Your fallback will not only give you the chance to find a better job but be offered with a better pay too. Sometimes, all it takes for your company is to realize how valuable you are when they see a company scrambling for additional resources to hire you. You just have to be discreet in these actions so that your fallback will not backfire in your career.

When you receive a raise or hired to another job, continue to prove to the company how valuable you are. Your output may be the same but you should be enthusiastic in making things work. The raise they might give you will just end up with nothing if they terminate you because of lack of performance.

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