Getting Rehired

There will always be a possibility that you will consider going back to your previous job. You might have just found out that you are better off with your previous job. The benefits could be better, the work responsibilities are easier or your former boss is a lot better than your current supervisor. You want to go back as soon as possible so that you can have a better job.

But getting rehired from your previous work is not just calling your former employer telling him or her that you want to be hired back. You have to be a job applicant once more if you want to be rehired only this time; there are things that you should remember during your rehiring process.

Knowing the Reason Why You Left

One of the biggest challenges you will face during the rehiring process is to justify why you left for another company. It could be a competitor from another industry or you opted to start a business as a reason or leaving the company.
When asked with this question, the best answer is always sincerity. But it is also important to "tone down" what you have to say. This does not mean you have to lie but you have to make sure your words are less offending.

For example, instead of saying "better pay" you simply say the compensation is competitive. This will help you justify your career movement and will help you establish more reasons why you have to go back.

Restructuring Your Resume

Since you are in a special situation, your resume should be restructured for that position. One good think about being rehired is you know exactly what the company wants from their employees. That means you can restructure your resume based on their needs. Show them that your previous and current responsibilities coincide with what they really need.

Using Inside Contacts

Another advantage for those who are looking to be rehired is help from the inside. Because of your previous experience, someone familiar is still there who knows what you can do for the company. Some might have been promoted to a better position which is better since they can vouch for your performance.

You can ask them to help you boost your chances of getting hired. Companies might even recognize your previous experience but with the help of your former colleagues inside, you should have a good chance of being hired for the job.

Expecting a "Mean" Interview

While "mean" might be too harsh of a word for an interview, this is the closest description you will experience from your interviewer. The mere fact that you left the company for something better only means you were never satisfied with their offer. Be prepared with these questions so that you will know how to answer. It is never easy to justify yourself leaving the company for someone (or a group) only to go back to your previous job.

Getting rehired for your previous job is not an easy task. Be prepared for intensive interview and edit your resume so that you will increase your chances of being employed.

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