How to Realise your Dream Career

College is all about realizing your dream. You select a specific degree in college because you are aiming to be someone someday. You don’t just go to college lazily, spending thousands of dollars along the way just to graduate without any goal in the process.

Your college education should be your ticket in realizing your dream. You will learn the necessary skills, gain small experiences that could be used in seeking a job and even landing an internship so that you should improve your experience and knowledge of the industry.

After all the hardships and challenges, it’s just right that you chase your dream that you had even when you were small. Everything that you have done to this day is because you want to do something you really like right after college and getting paid for it in the process.

Sacrifices and Disappointments

What you need to know right out of college is that everyone also has dreams and they are also doing everything that they can to realize them as soon as possible. Their dreams may not contradict what you want in life but that dream of greatness could sometimes place people in a very undesirable position. People wanted to realize their dream fast that they are willing to sacrifice others.

As a fresh graduate, there are already people out there who wanted to realize their dream fast. This just means that sometimes you will be disappointed when things turn out different than you expected. Your sacrifices might be for nothing as someone better will be coming in and shadow what you have done.

Compromise to Reach Your Dream

Reaching your dream is never easy. Your first job, in fact, might be totally unrelated to your degree or your dream. Some people unfortunately, lose sight of their dream once they found a job that could help them in their finances and support their lifestyle.

Slowly by surely, the lose track on what they really want to do in life. Instead of doing the things they want, the slowly compromised to a point that they can’t do anything about their dream anymore.

You can make small compromises in your career but these compromises should be used towards the fulfillment of your dream. When you get old, you will realize that you have done something that’s not according to your plan and you won’t feel fulfilled after all.

Reality and Giving Up

On the other hand, you have to place your feet firmly on the ground while trying to achieve your dream. This means that you have to be in touch with reality while you do things for your dream. There are situations wherein the reality will suggest that you can’t achieve that dream anymore. You need to constantly consider your basic needs before anything else.

For some, it might be the ultimate sacrifice but only a few actually made it by sacrificing everything else including some of their basic needs. Always aim to realize your dream but you still need to keep in touch with reality while trying to achieve it.

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