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Finding a job is still considered a tall order for many individuals. The unemployment rate is still high and increasing in most states. Although the economy is slowly picking up, there are still things most businesses have to go through so that they can fully increase their workforce.

This setting has also led to manpower problems for stable companies. They are willing to hire new people to their company but there are too many candidates out there to consider. It could take a lot of time and company resources before a candidate can be selected.

This problem can be easily handled by a headhunter – a career that you could consider if you are still hunting for a new career. This type of career is practically a matchmaking role since you will have to go out and look for possible candidates that would be perfect for the company. Headhunters give businesses the needed manpower without the strenuous process of screening hundreds of candidates.

But a headhunting career is not easily a glamorous position. There are some pitfalls that many headhunters have to deal with before they can establish a good company or simply become a strong headhunter for a manpower company.

Blind Headhunting

Many headhunters look for manpower companies to start their career. This is both good and bad depending on the company that will hire you. Your career as a headhunter might nosedive immediately if you consider a "blind headhunting" company. These companies resort to telemarketing or buying lists of possible candidates just to get the needed candidate. Worst, these companies often pay on commission which means starting could be draining not only as a career but also financially. Steer clear from these companies no matter how much they look good on paper.

How to Find the Right Company

Finding the right company that will help your career as a headhunter requires a unique research technique. You need to get in touch with various companies in a specific industry. The industry will become your "expertise" and the companies are often the ones you used to work with before you left and started to become a headhunter. Ask the businesses in an industry on their preferred manpower company. The common or popular agency should be the best provider and most likely the company that can help you have a good start as a headhunter.

Working as a Private Headhunter

On the other hand, if you have the resources, contacts and guts, you can start a company on your own. This can be a bit frustrating for some headhunters but if you know a good number of companies (personal networking), you might have a chance.

You just have to remember that this type of career will require you to screen people and recommended them for a good position. Their success in the office could also become your gain since your business will slowly gain recognition. But again, only consider this option if you have the right contact as well as resources.

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