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Right after college, fresh graduates are presented with a lot of ideas on how they can kick start their career. Although there are those that opted to start a small business, the usual choices for fresh graduates are between a small business or to be part of a large multi-million corporation.

These should be thought of thoroughly by fresh graduates because these types of companies will require different dedication and even skills. Although each type of business would provide room of improvement, the degree of improvement would generally differ.

The Small Business Road

Small businesses today are in peril because of recession. But that doesn’t mean there won’t be anyone left when recession is over. When the economic conditions go back to normal, a career with a small business is very promising and challenging at the same time.

The career would be promising simply because a small business is always looking for ways on how to improve its operations. There is always room for improvement. Oftentimes, loyalty is highly rewarded in small business. If you stay there long enough until it improves, your position as a highly experienced employee will improve as well.

On the other hand, getting significant improvement in small business is a lot easier said that done. Small businesses need highly talented employees who will give significant time and effort to improve the company.

Oftentimes, the time and effort are not rewarded at all except for the satisfaction that the company is slowly improving.

But even without the improvement, your stint with a small business will ever go unnoticed. Some of the successful careers didn’t start on top, most of it even started in a small business setting. As they gain experience and in-depth knowledge of the industry, they were able to improve significantly and have a better career elsewhere.

The Large Corporations Road

The clear advantage of choosing a large company to start a career is the knowledge that improvement in the company is possible. Almost everyone in the upper management have to start small in the company you are working for now. That means you too could be one of the employees who will significantly improve. All you need to do is to execute your functions well and beyond expectations while showing signs of leadership.

Large corporations however, are not your ideal company if you are looking for innovation on how to significantly improve the business setting.

Oftentimes, large corporations already laid out the specific actions for their employees as everything has to be according to plan for proper execution.

Innovation only happens in the upper management wherein they design or create ideas on how improve the company. The competition for promotion is also very high in large business setting as almost everyone is vying to be promoted.

These are the possible options for a fresh graduate. Each has their advantage and disadvantages that could help someone’s career.

Choose wisely on the career path you will take since these types of companies will not only dictate your career but your entire future.

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