New Job Process Mapping

Process mapping is a form of planning wherein a single roadmap for development is not enough. Through process mapping, managers should be able to create an intricate plan on how to achieve a goal by involving people and using as many resources as possible. It’s seen as a highly efficient planning tool since it deals with many possibilities while creating responses in case something happens.

This form of planning could also be used for fresh graduates and those terminated from their jobs to gain employment. Through process mapping, they should be able to know their chances of getting hired and know how to deal with the challenges of getting a job with a promising career.

Knowing Your Resources

The first step of process mapping is in knowing your resources. You should include your skills, education and experience (if any). In this list, you should also include your family and friends that could help you land a job as soon as possible. Aside from the resources that should come from you, their resources should be considered as well as this will suggest your chances of being hired.

At this point, you might already have a good idea on your chances of employment. For example, if you present skill is not according to what is needed in your area, your chances of employment is slim. You should consider transferring to another area or you should seek additional training to synch your skills with what is needed today.

Creating Process, Knowing Requirements and People Involved

Once you know your chances of being hired, you can create processes that will lead you to employment. But don’t just think of the interview process, creating cover letters or updating resumes. Your process should include knowing the company inside and out as well as the industry in terms of the need of new employees.

At this point, you should know the data you need as well as the people you will involve for this process. By using as much resources as possible, you increase your chances of acquiring your needed data.

Remember that these processes are time-bound. You need to create the time frame since there are other unemployed individuals who are doing everything that they can to get hired as much as possible.

Setting Benchmarks for the Next Stage

Frantically working to ensure that each process towards employment is not enough since doing something is not necessarily a measurement of success.

Before setting out to execute those intended plans, you need to set the measurement of success of a specific task. As much as possible, your measurement of success should be based on the fact that a specific task will lead to the next stage. It might be a difficult goal but that’s the only way you can ensure each task that you do will eventually lead to employment.

Harness process mapping towards employment. Through careful planning, use of available resources and creating specific goals in each stage will help increase the possibility of gaining employment even in a difficult economic situation.

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