Standing Out from the Crowd

To get a job we desire, we must stand out from the rest of the crowd. That means we need to know good interview skills. However, pay attention to the words “stand out”. The most common misconception regarding job interviews is that we must follow rules and give correct answers. Not true. The number one thing to concern ourselves with in a job interview is to be Authentic. Don’t over-rehearse before the interview; don’t be robotic. Make sure our personality’s best traits shine for the interviewer, which can only take place by being natural.

The good news regarding the job interview is that, unless the employer has already made their decision on who they are going to hire, the job is ours once we sit in that interview chair. Every interviewer is hopeful that the next person who walks into their office will be the candidate they are looking for.  This is where first impressions come in. If we can instantly grab the attention of the employer, then the rest is downhill because we have his attention.

Lots of people go into the interview all set to only talk good about themselves, so one way to stand out is to relay negative information about ourselves. This shows that we are being honest, and if we relay the anecdote or information in a humorous or entertaining manner, then we’ve definitely brought a lasting impression. Employers are used to people coming into the interview and being dishonest about their qualifications, so if we voluntarily offer our weaknesses, it builds trust between us and the employer.

Having a good resume is not enough

Even if our resume is perfect, our attire is wonderful, and our answers to their questions are right-on, we’re not going to get anywhere if we haven’t made a personal connection with the interviewer. In the interview, there is more than just eye contact when it comes to making a connection. Give a personable smile that makes the interviewer comfortable, which makes us, in turn, comfortable.  From there, give off the aura that we are happy to be there, which will, in turn, make the interview enjoyable for the employer. Enthusiasm rules (just not too much).

Once a good rapport is established with the interviewer, we need to figure out how long or short our answers to their questions should be. Going into the interview, we don’t know if they plan on asking us 20 questions or just several. So, when answering the first couple questions, take a long pause in the middle of your answer to see if they want to move on or are interested in still discussing the same topic.  A general rule to set for ourselves, though, is to never exceed two minutes in length when it comes to answering a question.

Know why you want to work for the company

Before we even arrive at the company, we need to make sure we know all about who they are and why we want to work there, because those are two definite questions they’ll be asking us. An employer needs to know why we are there in the first place, and if we show extensive knowledge on their business, it’ll intrigue them. Several ways to research the company is by examining their web site, searching for more information on internet, and even contacting them in advance to obtain company literature. 


Pairing up determination with our extensive knowledge of the company is crucial, because what good is knowledge about their business if we don’t show off the fact that we want to be a part of its business.  So, we have to make it clear that we want this job more than most anything. Finally, you can bet that all those little things Miss Manners taught us over the years will be vital in conquering the job interview.  Don’t be late. Give a firm handshake. Look at the interviewer right when you meet them and from then on. Smile. Don’t fidget or slouch. No swearing. Don’t interrupt. Say thank you when the interview is over.

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