Using the Internet for Leverage

Getting hired for the first time is a little bit challenging especially in today’s economy. Because of recession, companies are having trouble keeping their resources intact without having to spend too much. They implement job cuts, closing different plants or factories around the country and even implement pay cuts.

First time job seekers would have to compete with experienced individuals who may also have better education. Gaining employment is never easy if you would aim for jobs that provides a promising a career.

Because of stiff competition for limited jobs, getting hired just because you have great ideas, enthusiastic and have the latest education is not possible. But you can still have a weapon so that you can be at par with the experienced and with more education. You can use the internet to be recognized and stand out.

Social Networking

The phenomenon on social networking is not only based on the fact that you can find your long lost friends. You can also use your social networking to contact more people which could lead you to key individuals that can help you find a job.

It is also through social networking websites that you can show your affiliation as well as knowledge. You can join groups with the same interests and meet new people. It is not even a slow process if you are aggressive without being too impolite online.


One of the best things about the internet is that everyone can have a say about something through blogging. You can create a small website wherein you can express your thoughts in the industry. You do not even have to be writing about it everyday.

Write about the industry at least one a week. If you are still looking for a job, you can write once a day. But if you are still in college, you can already start writing so that you can gain recognition as time goes by. This will show your knowledge about the industry and meet more people which will increase your networking power.

Cleaning the Digital Image

On the other hand, a warning: you have to be careful on everything you need to say and do online. More and more recruitment groups are not only checking on the facts you have written in your resume but they are also using Google to check out your online reputation.

Any picture, video, blog and group association that might be used against you should be removed as soon as possible. In fact, do not post anything that you think will destroy your career. As long as it is online, that incriminating photo could be found and would be used against you even though they are placed in a secured website.

Instead of competing on the field of experience and skills on the stage where you will most likely fail, use the internet. This will give you a free hand on proving on what you can and cannot do while keeping connected with people who can help you. Just make sure you keep a clean image online so that you will not have any future problems.

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