When Two Job Offers Collide

Fresh graduates would often pass application letters and resume to two or more companies to increase their chances of getting hired. Those companies that will invite the fresh graduates for an interview will also be entertained. Of course, the fresh graduate would be doing the best he or she can do during the interview and the general job application process.

The fresh graduate will make sure that the best possible image will be provided for the company. The company is also asking nothing more than the best from the employees as the business always seeks to improve through its great employees.

Because of this practice, there are times that a fresh graduate would end up having two job offers at the same time. Even though we are experiencing recession, there is a chance that a single candidate would have job offer from two companies

When this happens to you, stay calm. You need to have a clear mind in choosing or taking steps towards the right career decision in your end. Taking haste or not thinking out what is out there will be very dangerous to your career.

Comparing the Offers

It is impossible that two job offers will arrive at the same time. There will be a company that will offer a job first. The basic practice is to agree to a company that offers the job first. But if you know that something is coming up, ask them the deadline for your decision. A company that is very interested in you will often give you a day or two to think it over.

If another company calls, ask them about the deadline as well. For the second company, inform them that you are already entertaining another job offer and you will only accept if they provide something better.

It is always a good practice to consider the first job offer. But if the first job offer is not as good compared to the 2nd job, never hesitate to transfer to the next job.

Saying “No”

One of the biggest challenges when you are being offered by two jobs is on how to say no to another company. It is like saying “no” to a good opportunity that only comes once in a lifetime. But you cannot get them all. You need to choose a company that offers a good chance of improvement as well as better pay.

The best way of saying it, is telling it straight to the human resource department or anyone who has offered a job for you. It is a form of professionalism that should not be neglected. If you just ignore what they offer you, you will most likely have a bad reputation to the company.

Remember that your stint with the better company might not be permanent so you might end up with the 2nd company. If you sever your communication abruptly, you reputation is already ruined so the chances of getting hired is next to impossible. They still have the right to ask for a courteous call from you informing them that you cannot work for them.

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