Revisiting Cover Letters

A resume is seen as an important part of the application process. It’s a form of letter that shows your intent to be employed. In this letter, you show your employer who you are and what you can do for the company. It’s often attached to a paper resume or emailed with a resume as an attachment.

But the digital age has questioned the necessity of a cover letter. Most of the job search websites accept uploads of resume only and nothing more. Cover letters could be added to your page but companies who subscribe to these websites use “keywords” to search through the uploaded data without consulting cover letters.

Given this situation – is it still necessary to have a cover letter?

One answer: YES. In fact, a cover letter is a lot more important today compared to years before the internet was introduced to ease job search. Before the internet days of gaining employment, you can present your resume only and because you are already there, you could be asked about your education and how you could help the company.

In today’s setting, your resume without a cover letter could be easily discarded. A cover letter could catch the attention of an employer because you want to personalize your application.

Companies Need Cover Letters

Companies now prefer cover letters to be part of the application process especially in this age. Without a cover letter, all they have is information about the person. But a cover letter will make your resume a personalized document.

A letter will give the employer or head hunter an idea on your desire to be employed and what you can offer to the company. While a resume could give them an idea on who to hire, they do not know the person yet but a cover letter will give them an idea who they will be working with.

You Need a Cover Letter

A cover letter is not only a document that could persuade the company into hiring your services. But a cover letter is also a helpful document that lets you take a second look at your career. While you’re writing your cover letter, you examine how you can help the industry. This is essential because this is the only way you could be assured of a good career. Without anything to offer to the industry, you could become one of the employed individuals who might not be promoted because they don’t anything to offer.

Paper and Electronic Versions

Make it a habit of creating a cover letter for every prospective employer. Avoid creating generic cover letter because it will only do more harm than good. By creating individual cover letters, you’ll be able to guide the prospective employer on how to read your resume. A cover letter could be a little bit challenging at first but if you practice, you should be able to create a well written cover letter. This is a highly personalized letter that will help you rise above other candidates.

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