How to Create an Objective Resume

Nowadays, a simple resume will never catch the eye of head hunters no matter what your qualification is. You may have good qualifications but a boring resume will never be read at all. You need to create a resume that should not only have impressive information but would also look great in the eyes of a head hunter.

An Entrance with a Bang

Your first statement will mean everything in a resume. Boring statements such as “Qualifications” “Personal Background” and other general information will never get the attention anymore of head hunters.

But that doesn’t mean you have to overdo it. For example, you want to really impress the head hunter that you start your resume with “highly efficient”. While the statement looks good at first, it will sound over the top when read by head hunters.

Write something that will grab the interest of your reader by indicating what you have done, what you can do and how will that benefit the company you want to work for right now. It’s a straight to the point statement that will grab the attention of the reader.

What Can I Do for You?

Most of the resume is focused on what you have learned and done so far. Although this is an indication of what you can do for the company in the future, they do not really relate to anything if you take a closer look at the format. You’re basically telling them your history and that might not be applicable for them. This is especially true if you’re seeking another work in a different industry.

Instead of focusing on what you have done, state in your resume what you can do for them. You can do this in your job objective – the very first statement that you will probably have in your resume. By writing what you can do for them, you show personalization as well as critical thinking since you are offering your services instead of telling them what you have done so far.

Being Concrete

It’s always a good idea to add your accomplishments on the past. But vague accomplishments will never do you good. For example, including statements like “increased productivity” when you started working for another company will not really impress any head hunter. Provide concrete results so that the head hunter will know how good you are. By being concrete you need to show them numbers or at least, something measurable.

Stick to One

There are many job hunters, especially in today’s economy, and that are open to various positions as long as they are hired. But that will not work to your advantage since you could be considered over competent in one position. Focus on a single position instead so that you can support the position with the right qualifications.

By creating a focused resume, you give yourself a better chance of being hired. Opening yourself to all possible positions will not only confuse you but also your interviewer as well. You may not be asked with the right questions or not considered for the position at all.

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