Jobs for Internet Geeks

If you are thinking about PTS (paid to surf) programs, forget about it. There are real jobs for people who prefer to be online for the most part of the day. Note that these are not jobs that will pay you to stay online and read their emails. These are jobs that will test your internet skills and it will require time, patience and a good internet connection. So pump your DSL connection and consider the following jobs.

1. Web Developers – If you are online for the most part of the day, chances are you already have a website. Test your skills in building websites for other people. You get to be online; testing the website you created all day or you can research on the latest trends in web development.

In order to ace in this career, you need to have a degree or training in web development languages such as HTML, JavaScript or Flash. You could study these web languages by yourself but it would take years wherein a proper training could only be from six to eight weeks if you are considering crash courses in web development.

2. Paralegals – Surprisingly, this type of job is becoming more and more online that there are paralegals that are telecommuting instead of staying at the office. Lawyers will always be overwhelmed with paper works that they need paralegals for extensive research in online law libraries as well as preparing online documents.

Training to be a paralegal takes around two years but if you are already familiar in this industry, you could select an online course that will only take one year to complete. If you have great research skills and a knack in looking for something extremely difficult online, this job may be perfect for you.

3. Online Researcher – There are researchers who are great in looking for information in libraries and there are also researchers who are great in looking for information online. Those who stays online for more than four hours a day probably knows where to look for specific information.

You could offer your services to webmasters who are looking for information while they are developing their websites. There are also companies who want online researchers who can give them the latest information on different products and news of their competitors. Instead of constantly looking for information themselves, online researchers will keep them abreast of all the information online.

4. Online Writer – Blogging could be your part time income but there are companies who are looking for full time writers. With great research skills and a good command of the language, you should be able to write articles on different topics. A degree in communication will really help you in this career. While there are also writers who just had a short training on how to write compelling articles.

These are only some of the jobs that you could do if you really love to be online all day. The best part is that these could be done on your free time and even at the comfort of your home.

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