Jobs for Morning Persons

When your day starts at 3am, your mind is already on its most active state at 7am. You get to be more productive at work and even healthier. But by 3 o’clock in the afternoon, you might feel a little bit sleepy for waking up earlier. Waking up early is bad for office persons since hours before they start working, they have already spent much of their energy for the day.

Do not worry; there are jobs for people like. Some do not even require special skills except for the ability to wake up early in the morning. Personally, waking up early is not only a skill but a rare feat – that is why these jobs are usually comes with a good pay.

1. Postal Mail Carrier – If you do not have time to exercise, then this job forces you to have one. Postal mail carriers start their day as early as 4am. All you do is walk around and deliver mail to people as early as possible. The job will require you to be at work for eight hours which should end early in the afternoon. If you still have extra energy left, you could get a part time job for additional source of income.

2. Newspaper Distributor – Newspapers should be delivered to the doors of subscribers early in the morning. That means you have to wake up even earlier so that you could prepare the newspapers for distribution. Jobs usually start at 2am and ends in breakfast (around 8am). The pay is relatively smaller but it is really easy since all you need is to deliver the newspapers to the right places. You will still have enough energy for the rest of the morning for another job.

3. Garbage Collector – Some say it is not a good job but it is a blue collar job that has a great pay, even better than newspaper distributor. This job of course is to collect garbage from different homes and establishments. There are cities that dispatch their garbage collection at night but there are also morning shifts that usually start at 5am. These are all eight hour shift which should also end early in the afternoon.

4. Fish Broker – Be the bridge between the fishermen and the restaurants. This job starts really early in the morning (around 2am) and ends in sunrise. Your job is to look for the fish that may be needed by different restaurants and buy them in their behalf. There is no salary here but the commission is very attractive. This job will only require you to be at work five or six hour a day. As soon as all the fish are delivered to their respective restaurants, you are set for the day.

5. Newsroom Assistant / Producer – Writers, producers, cameramen and everyone involved in the news starts their day early. They are also required to work eight hour shifts which also end early in the afternoon.

Waking up early is an asset, use that ability to find work and achieve financial independence. As your job ends early, you can even look for another job as another source of income.

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