Options While being terminated at Work

There are actually some things you could do before you are terminated from work that could be beneficial for you and your employer. If you are being told that your services will only be needed for a month or two, don’t panic. Negotiate some things and try to propose to your boss the following things:

If your work is essential or important to the company; offer to extend your stay until someone qualified could take over. Your boss or the owner cannot imagine doing your job while being a boss at the same time. It’s a smart strategy and your boss will probably agree with you. You get to stay longer while looking for another job while your boss continues the work operations because you are still there.

Ask for more compensation

If you are being offered a severance package, try to bargain for more. Usually, severance package is not the same for everyone so try to get as much as you can. If you are woman, minority, disabled or anyone from the protected group, better insist for more compensation. Companies don’t want to be charged with unlawful termination which could cost millions.

Ask to resign instead of being terminated

No one wants to write in their resume and/or cover letter that they were terminated. It’s also an awkward situation during interviews. Ask your boss to give you the status of resignation instead of being terminated. The downside of this is that your unemployment status might not receive the right support from the government since your previous employer might not declare you as someone who needs assistance. Be sure to clear this with your boss so that you’ll preserve your record while receiving assistance.

Ask for a recommendation letter

Your “soon to be former employer” will be more than happy to give you any assistance you need when they are downsizing employees. Ask for a letter of recommendation from your immediate supervisor or owner. This will increase your chances of being hired to another company. Ask a person in higher position for a recommendation letter.

Negotiate to extend your benefits

help you being out of work since it will protect you from a lot of accidents. But before you ask for this, as your local employment officer if this will not compromise your employment claim. If your unemployment benefits will stay the same, you can go ahead and ask for extended benefits.

Buy your work computer

If the company is downsizing, some of the computers are no longer necessary. The prices are cheaper than a fire sale and the computer configuration is based on your preferences. Of course, they may require that you delete sensitive data but the fact that you’re buying a good computer at a better price should be more than enough to convince you to buy your work computer.

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