Improving Your Profile in Your Company

Your personal worth to the company is very important as this will usually be the basis whether or not you’ll be promoted. If you take good care of your self image in your company, the chances of getting promoted is higher. 

But non-improvement will only mean two things: non-promotion which means little to no increase in salary or termination because you’re salary to the company is just too much while they gain almost nothing.

Most businesses today want to have employees who are constantly improving themselves so that they become valuable and anyone who just wants to increase their salary through loyalty will eventually be booted since there fresh graduates who are willing to do the same work with lower pay.

To improve your profile, here are the characteristics that you must have.

Being Dependable

Meeting deadlines and doing what is expected from you. This is very basic but not all employees could do this in a day in and day out basis. Your assignment should be your personal mission and nothing in your business should stop you from doing your job properly. When you are able to deliver as expected, more and more jobs will be assigned to you.

Ultimately, the company won’t be able to move without you helping them. This will require time and patience but as long as you do your job and do it well, you will just realize that you are now one of the most important employees in your company – even without the promotion yet.

Special Skills

There are companies who have hundreds of dependable people. You are obviously one of them but you can’t easily stand out because everyone is doing their job as expected. In your end, you just don’t settle for being dependable. Move yourself out of the pack by offering something different or extra. Remember the USP or unique selling point that got you in this job in the first place.

The company has specifically hired you since they saw something different and useful in you. If you think you don’t have extra to offer, learn it by going to school either online or local college. The extra skills will boost your chances for any higher position because you can do more compared to your office workers.

Better Attitude

Even in a company where productivity is an individual’s output, being a team player is still important. Although your productivity is very high, you just can’t work with other employees. If you get promoted, you’ll likely become a team leader but you can’t do that since your co-workers don’t like you and of course, don’t want to work with you.

Your company knows that if they promote you, you’ll just create issues for your co-workers that affects their productivity. If you’re a good salesman that can’t get along with other people, you’ll be a salesman for a very long time unless you make some changes in your attitude.

Dependability, uniqueness and proper attitude will get you places – especially in your work place.

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