Persuasion Skills

In this fast paced world where everyone wants their demand to be met, it becomes increasingly difficult to serve each and everyone according to their wish.  During such time, a person who has the ability to communicate and convince other people, ends up being one of most sought after.


In certain career, an ideal person is one who has natural leadership, high persuasion skills and can smile in spite of bickering and eventually convince people he deal with, to  do things his way.

If you think you have above qualities, then here are the careers you should consider:

Public Relations

Public relations representatives are one of the friendliest persons one can come across because it is their primary job to ensure that the company they are representing will get great feedback. They can easily convince others about their company and its good performance.

In order to increase your chance of getting hired as a Public Relations Representative / Officer, you need to get Communications Degree and adequate experience. Successful PRs have years of experience before them and are adept in persuading others for the benefit of their company.  Initial experience can be obtained either by working for smaller companies at first or by joining as an intern.

Human Resources 

Human Resource Department plays crucial role during recruitment to such an extent that in order to get hired, one has to ultimately pass HR interview. Human Resource personnels are not only trained to gauge capacity of aspiring candidates but are also trained to establish rapport with existing employees and see to it they are content in their work. 

Although allied roles and responsibilities are handled by Human Resources,  their expertise is primarily sought in handling  new applicants as well as retaining existing employees. If you have an MBA or a Psychology Degree,  you have better chance to get accepted into this position as long as you can convince the interviewer that you are friendly indeed and possess adequate Persuasion Skills.

Personal Trainers 

We often find personal trainers in gyms and aerobics, providing individual training for those who wish to get fit. Forget about stereotypes who threaten when you cannot do 20 push-ups, today most personal trainers possess leadership and persuasive character.

Personal Trainers are also found in hospitals helping those in rehabilitation. With their help, patients push themselves in order to achieve complete recovery. If you are planning to work in a hospital, a degree related to physiology is recommended.  However, in gyms and aerobics, you just need to be experienced or be accredited as a personal trainer. 

Pharmaceutical Sales Representatives 

Being a pharmaceutical sales representative is one of the challenging jobs out there since you not only need to be a sales person but also be very friendly. Pharmaceutical sales representatives are the frontline of pharmaceutical companies and all day long, they talk to several doctors and convince them the benefits and advantages of their company products.

Candidates aspiring to become pharmaceutical sales representatives need to possess basic degree and flawless pronunciation. They need to be proficient in communication skill and have ability to persuade doctors to prescribe their company pharmaceutical products.

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