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There are employers who, in order to keep their network secured from different types of email attacks, require their applicants to email their resume in pure text format. In such cases, you have to comply with this requirement or else your resume will never be read at all.  By sending the email in text format, reading your email will also hasten. That means, the chances of getting noticed is faster if you have the right qualification.

Whenever an applicant is required to email the resume in text format, getting noticed based on format alone becomes a challenge. Some applicants have strategies in their resume in order to be noticed faster by the screeners. A resume in a pure text format will never get the notice of anybody because well, they are just text and no fancy lettering and bullet points is allowed.

On the other hand there are simple tricks that you could do to ensure that your resume will stand out against other resumes that are sent in.

First thing you should do is to ensure that the information you are sending has been carefully spell check. Applicants usually write their resume in a notepad so that they can just copy and paste them in the email. Unfortunately, notepad does not have any spell checker so you have to check them yourself.

Transfer the document temporarily to an MS Office Word application so that the spelling can be checked by the application. But besides that, you can also personally check the resume for errors.

Remember to be careful while checking your resume for grammar and spelling errors. Once you have done that and confident enough that your resume has been proof-read to perfection, you can paste them to the body of your email via notepad.

Sending an email with a resume written in a notepad is not really a text format email. As soon as you have inserted your resume in the body of the email, look for commands that will transform your email into plain text or will prevent your email to be written in rich text format. If you do not do this, your email may not be read at all. A resume written in text format can still come out as HTML since parts of the resume are still in the same format.

Notepad or other applications that enables you to write in text format are very limited in their format. For example, notepad does not have any bullet points in order for you to point out your experience or additional information. Use asterisk or dash instead of the bullet points in a text format.

Since you really cannot highlight anything in a notepad, the use of capital letters should be used for emphasis. But this should only be limited to the OBJECTIVE, EXPERIENCE so that parts of your resume will be identified.

Never use tab when writing in notepad for your resume. The effects of tab might not be the same to the recruiter. Instead of a tab, space bar should be an efficient alternative.

Make sure the subject of your email is appropriate and meaningful. In case the employer has insisted a specific format for the subject line, make sure you comply with format, failure to do so can automatically get your resume email screened out.

Lastly, email the copy of the resume to yourself first before sending it out. This will give you the chance to look at the email when received by the recruiter.

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