Setting Up a Systematic Job Search

Finding a right job now is more than just going online and randomly visit job posting sites. That might work but you might be spending a lot of time browsing through websites without even thinking of a particular company or even a specific position. Without any specific goals except to land a job, you will just end up with a list of companies you want to work without even writing a resume.

Before you head out looking for a job, create a system that will help you skim through websites and classifieds faster. With a system, you can easily find a job. A system will also help you create options or a separate plan when all else fail.

Starting with Preferences

Before you go and look for a job, know what you want first. What type of job do you prefer? Do you have any time preferences? How about the pressure expected in a job? Do you have the right education for the career prefer? As this questions before you head out and start your job search. You need to have a goal to avoid being sidetracked too much with other job offers. Without any goal, it’s a total waste of time even to go out and find one.

Industry First, Company Later

Now that you are starting to look for your preferred job, you need to set-up the parameters for searching. Some would prefer to search for a job based on their location while others are based on a company. But the best parameter that you should consider first is the industry.

The industry will dictate everything – the type of job, the number of hours, salary and even the location. Use the parameter first and then consider the company later. Everything else will fall into place if you would give priority to the industry you would like to work with.


You should also set up a system on where you look for a job first. If possible, start with newspaper and gradually move online if you cannot find anything. You could also do it in vice versa if you do not really care the location of your work. If you are going online, you need to make a list on where to look first and eventually move to other websites.

That’s only plan A. You need to have an alternative plan when nothing seems to work. You could use your network for a plan B or even a business as an alternative in finding a job.

Piecing Them Altogether

The system would seem to be very simple at first glance. But applying them would be a lot difficult. Along the way, you will be invited to different job opportunities that may seem to be very good. But these are outside your parameters and you will be tempted to go out of your system to chase that job. 

You are welcome to deviate from your system but remember that you have created a system in the first hand to guide you to your preferred job. If that’s not on your preferred job, then you might just be barking on the wrong tree.

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