Future Industries for Fresh Graduates

The election of a new president brings not only a new set of government but also new opportunities for fresh graduates to consider. If you have been listening to President Obama’s Inaugural Speech or listened to what he has promised for the past few months, you might already have an idea on what industries that the government will be focusing for the years to come.

This should be your cue as a fresh graduate on what industries you should consider as the door of opportunities will be opened.

Stimulus Plan

Before anything else could be implemented, one of the first things the new administration will be pushing for is the stimulus package that should help the dwindling economy. Everyone who are having trouble with their finances will be given enough assistance by the government so that they can purchase what they need and somehow survive recession.

The keyword for the stimulus plan with regards to industries that will benefit is “purchase” as more and more people receive financial aid, purchases not only in basic necessities will increase.

The retail industry, whether online or local, will greatly benefit from this government move. This will not only be based on what they could purchase – it is also based on the government assistance on finding jobs which will also present new opportunities for everyone.

Alternative Energy

Renewable source of energy maybe the most lucrative industry the current administration could be pushing. As the source of natural gas becomes scarcer, the current administration will be looking for additional sources of energy.

Wind, water and geothermal will be considered as a major source of energy that by the end of the current administration, the country could be the leader in this type of alternative energy.

If you have any education related to this industry, brace yourself for a fulfilling career ahead of you. If not, look for ways where you can enhance your education related to alternative energy industry. You might be spending a little bit for additional learning but it is worth it.


It would be a foolish idea for the current administration to give everyone money without giving everyone a chance of earning. For that reason, the promise of ending the rise of unemployment should give you a chance of working in employment agencies.

As more infrastructures could be commissioned to increase jobs. Skills matching will become essential to ensure success of the project. You could be working on public works or you could be working to help others find work.

Real Estate Industry

If alternative energy is the most promising, the real estate industry is probably the industry that has the most niches today.

The level of opportunity in the real estate industry is still very wide. Do not think that you will become a real estate agent wherein you will be selling properties, there are additional businesses related to the real estate industry that offers job opportunities.  From mortgages, refinancing or even in loan modification you can be part of the solution to this industry that is still trying to cope up with recession.

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