Small Job Opportunities

During recession, companies are not proactive in hiring employees, jobs are scarce and the competition is fierce for the available jobs. Those that are fortunate enough to find a job, they will not be able to avail the expected payment since many companies today are cutting cost.

Basically, you will end up with two possible scenarios: you end up unemployed after graduation or you find a job but with a lower salary. This is very difficult to deal with because financial obligations cannot just be ignored.

Because of the increasing unemployment rate, many fresh graduates and terminated professionals are opting to start a small business. Compared to billion dollar companies, small business can be easily set-up. Some small businesses could be started with little to no start-up capital.

Some rely on their skills to offer services and they do not need to purchase any materials since most of them are already found at home. When it comes to documentation, there are small businesses that are too small that they do not need any zoning or license. But a license for small business is still easy to obtain so setting up is fast, easy and inexpensive.

Unfortunately, not everyone is business savvy. But even though if you are not a born entrepreneur, there is still a chance for you to have a job and even have financial freedom. Before you know it, this might even be your career.

Instead of looking for jobs in billion-dollar companies, provide basic services to small businesses in your area or even online. Remember that small businesses operate with few people and there is even a possibility that the small business is managed, owned and operated by one person only. They need all the help they could get and you will be there to help them.

The following are the services that you could offer to small businesses:

• Office Support – Most small businesses deal with manual labor that means they do not have any time to do basic office tasks. If you are familiar with basic office tasks, then you should be able to offer this type of service. It will be even better if you are an expert in accounting as this could be your main skill.

• Sales – If you are good at selling or at least have extensive contacts in the other small businesses, you could find a career in sales. Recession has affected the sales of many businesses which has created a demand for this skill. Just be sure that you can provide an output since most sales-related jobs are commission based.

• Advertising – Aside from an effective salesman, a smart advertising is also needed by a small business. You can offer to create a website, set up banners or even create simple but catchy videos and music.

As the number of small business increase in your community, the opportunities for a job also increase. Although it is a lot of hard work, the emotional and financial rewards are better than a simple office job.

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