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The current economic situation always places the fresh graduates in a disadvantaged position. Since the employee demand is not there, they are unable to find a good job as soon as they graduate. There are still companies hiring even during recession but the number of applicants are by the hundreds.

This makes it very difficult for the fresh graduates to be hired since the competition is higher than usual. Fresh graduates are not only trying to distinguish themselves against other fresh graduates but also against the recently laid off. Those that were terminated may have more experience and education. More often than not, employees will prefer those who are already familiar with the industry.

Life Coach

Finding a job during recession is difficult but not impossible. You need all the help you can get in order to land a job even during tough economic times.

One of the help that you can get is from a life coach. A life coach is someone who can advise you in your career, way of living and how to succeed. They work primarily to push you even further until you achieve your goal. Through their help, you could reach your target or even evaluate if your goal in life is actually according to your skills and education.

A life coach could be considered not just as your close friend but also as a mentor. He or she will be closely working with you so that you could be guided in your career. Think of them as your one-on-one teacher where you receive instructions as well as guidance.

Finding a Life Coach

There are two ways in finding a life coach. The first is to look in your community for a life coach. Most of them are advertising their services on local newspapers or even in radios. A life coach near your area is a lot better since you can meet them in person and the conversation could be a lot more personal.

On the other hand, using the power of the internet to find a life coach could be a viable option as well. You can easily find them in websites that offer free article posting. Life coaches would usually write about life and tips on how to deal with current economy so their information could be most likely be found there. You can get in touch with them and talk them online to know if their philosophy in life coaching fits your needs.

Life Coach Vs. Psychologists

The work of a life coach could be easily identified with psychologists. But there is a great difference between a life coach and psychologists. A psychologist is basically someone who could help you find the reason why you cannot find a job and the motivation. Ultimately, you will still be left alone in your decisions. You psychologist is just your guide.

A life coach on the other hand is someone who will be there to guide and recommend career movements. A coach will listen to your decisions but will tell you upfront if your decision will or will not work in today’s condition. Last but not the least; a life coach is a lot more affordable compared to psychologists.

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