Candidate Brand Image

Most companies are now considering the “brand” of their candidates. Companies wanted to look for someone who can fit in their work environment and could be productive most of the time. These employees will also become the company’s representative so they have to exude that image that the company wants.

Branding could be done in two ways: the immediate branding and the long term branding. The immediate branding is the first impression that the screener will have of you. Since employment is a little bit challenging today, the competition for position is fierce and screeners do have much time to take a look at your profile. If you don’t have a good initial impression, your chances of getting hired is next to nothing.

Short Term Branding

If you wanted to have a good impression from the start, take care of the basics – the resume, cover letter and your looks. These have to be taken cared of before you show up for the interview or just to submit your cover letter and resume personally.

The image is more important when the interview process starts. Although you’ll be judged on how you answer the questions, your looks and how you present yourself during the interview is also graded. As indicated, companies also want someone who would be very comfortable representing them.

Long Term Branding

Long term branding could be intrinsic for those who are experienced and had higher education. Since they have been in the industry for sometime, their experience will be their personal brand on how they work with the company and how they ultimately represent the company they are working for.

On the other hand, fresh graduates would have a harder time establish long term branding. But this type of branding can be done. Using technology and the community, you should be able to establish this form of branding after some time.

Online Reputation

Online branding is very, very important. Companies will not just use your resume, cover letter and interviews just to know you. They will be using the internet as well to search for more information.

Your personal profile in social networks, your blogs, pictures and videos could be used for or against you. For that reason, you can start blogging about the industry, take relative photos and clean up your social networks so that don’t have anything that could be used against you.


Another way to establish your personal brand is through volunteering. There are a good number of non-profit organizations that you can be part of that has values identical to the company you want to work for. Through volunteering, you might even find someone who could help you get that job you really wanted.

Volunteering could be easily part of your resume but you have to remember that you are volunteering not just because you wanted something in your resume. You need to show that you really cared for what you volunteered for. If you are not doing well, volunteering might backfire to your record.  Branding your records and your image will improve the chances of getting hired. Let the company get to know you better and not just in your resume.

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