Cleaning Your Online Reputation

Background check for new employees, even for fresh graduates, is always a standard operating procedure for the human resources. They have to make sure that they are hiring someone who has a good background and will not cause trouble in the company later.

This is not only for safety purposes but for the company’s interests as well. A potential employee may have been working for a competitor and got terminated for leaking company secrets.

The human resources often have background checking software that cost thousands of dollars. The software will tell the human resources virtually everything – from high school to college records.

But today’s human resources are not only using the expensive software for background checking, they are also checking online. A simple search in Google, Yahoo and other popular search engines, will reveal who you are and what you have been doing. If you have been in the news lately, your name could pop-up from a simple search.

As a fresh graduate, the records are not that much when they use the software. But a simples search online will reveal a lot of things about you – and the results of the search might cost you your job.

Think Before Going Digital

Today and the coming generation is a digital generation. Everything you do is documented digitally and they are usually posted in social websites that could be seen by everyone.

Instead of a simple scrapbook, your party, graduation and even the photos of your dog is online. Online blogs are also popular and chances are, you may have written a line or two every other month just to express yourself.

These things are posted online and could be read by everyone. That means any derogatory remarks and any photos that could get the company in trouble in the future will be taken into account.

As long as the photos and blogs are there, you will always find yourself in trouble with the company you are planning to work with.

Online Clean-Up

Cleaning up your reputation online could take time especially if you have been very active online. Your photos could be shared in different websites especially if they are provocative or just plain funny.

Get in touch you with your friends so that your photos could be removed in case they are a little bit troubling. Your blogs are easier to control but they should be taken down as well especially if you have been a little bit radical about your thoughts.

Never Overdo

On the other hand, overdoing the clean-up for your online reputation is also not good for you. Companies are not looking for someone who is completely unknown.

Your photos with your friends should never be removed. You have to show that you are also a sociable person that knows how to work with the team.

Human resources are now considering online search not only for your personal records but also for your previous behavior. Be sure to post things online that will not get you in trouble in the future.

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