Education Vs. Experience

Proving Your Education is Worth More than Experience

Fresh graduates do not have a lot of experience with them when applying for a job for the first time. That is why they have a lot of trouble finding a good job in the first few months after college. No one seems to be hiring people that did not have experience anymore.

What is more, experience might be preferred more than education. Some are hired because of their experience even though they don’t have the relative education for that career. That makes it a little bit more difficult to find a good job.

Everyone Starts Somewhere

But you don’t have to be disheartened with that fact. Although there are a lot of experienced people who will be hired over you, remember that they have to start somewhere.

There was a time wherein they were young and they have practically nothing to prove of their expertise except the education they had.  But, somehow, they were able to find a job wherein they can prove their worth.

After a few years, they are now eligible to consider jobs with better pay because of their experience. If they can start somewhere, so should you. You just have to find the right place to start.

Barking the Wrong Tree

Being a fresh graduate means your options are a little bit limited. You can find a job but you can’t find a job at very prestigious companies. They will always require years of experience and even advanced requirements such as a published article on a recognized magazines and/or websites plus a doctorate or master’s degree.

You could be trying to get a job at companies who are not considering fresh graduates. Although they may not explicitly say it, you have to notice the people working for the company. That’s a good way to know the type of applicants they are hiring.

Checking Start-Ups and Small Companies

To be successful in a career, you have to start small. You could start as an entry level employee wherein you have to aggressively work your way up or you could consider working for a small start-up company and be a big factor for their development.

Start-up companies cannot pay you like the big conglomerates but they are very generous when the company goes big and you have a big part in it. Hiring in start-up companies are often geared to the younger generation as they would often have the most radical ideas that will place the company in a better place.

Getting Help from the People You Know

If you really want to be hired for a specific company you need more than a well written resume and cover letter. You need to know someone from there to boost your chances of getting hired.

Network to as many people as possible so that you can have someone connect you to a person inside who can give you a recommendation. With a personal recommendation, you are increasing your chances of getting hired because someone knows your abilities even though you don’t have the experience.

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