How to Handle Generation Gap

One of the difficulties fresh graduates would have to deal with when they report to work is on generation gap. The different in age is actually no concern of everyone however; the age difference could also spell generation gap. The difficulty in generation gap is actually based on difference on set values by each generation.

There are generations that value work above everything else while there are those that value individuality as a way to excel in a chosen field. While both values are good in itself, they might have conflicting conclusions on some tasks at work.

Technology Issues

Although it might sound unrelated, part of the gap between generations is their treatment with technology. While not everyone advanced in age are not clueless about technology, this is often seen as a trend as they dismiss technology while letting the young ones deal with it.

On the other hand, the younger generations are generally aggressive in using technology. In fact, technology is a big part of the lifestyle of the young generation. Entertainment, communication and even work could easily become mobile since technology has enabled communication and work with the use of a small device that also serves as the source of entertainment.

Learning Values and Tradition

The younger generations may seem aggressive and pushy when it comes to their values but there is a lot to learn from the experienced generation. The mere fact that they have stayed in the industry for a very long time is already impressive. They already know a lot about the industry and have a clear idea on how to become successful.

Aside from experience, the values related to work can only be learned from the experienced generations. Giving importance to some work-related values in an industry is very important since they provide a strong support on work ethics that will lead to success.

Learning Innovations and Adaptability

On the other hand, the older generation can also learn a thing or two from the young ones. Aside from the younger generation’s familiarity with technology, their ability to think out of the box should be noted. While sticking to traditional methods could work, innovation is one of the ways to defeat competition. The young ones can easily think out of the box because of their daring attitude. Their ability to see innovation could even be coupled with adaptability so that they will be able to survive challenges as well as changes.

Two Parties, Same Goal, Different Paths

Generation gap can easily destroy workplace harmony but it could also lead to improvements a company has never seen. Fresh graduates should learn a thing or two about the experienced generation which is also learning from the new employees.

What everyone has to realize is that everyone has the same goal but opted to choose different ways. Combining these methods is relatively easy as compromise is possible. When agreement is reached, generation gap could be easily addressed and productivity will significantly improve. It’s a challenge but dealing the generation gap problem could be done.

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