How to Handle Job Rejection

During school and college life, you can be successful in all the things that you set out to do. However, once you get out of college and start looking for a job you will realise that not everyone can get everything in reality.

When searching for a job, you are not only dealing with a few people. You are dealing with hundreds or even thousands of people before you get hired in a well established organization.

Aside from the people who will screen your resume, interview you and even conduct exams to test your knowledge in the industry, you will also have to deal with competition.

External Factors

Getting hired for the job you like will be influenced by many factors. These factors could range from your education and experience to the smallest factors such as your body language during interview. But there are also external factors that you have to consider.

For example, a company may enthusiastically interview a lot of potential employees and the next day the company folds unexpectedly. Even if you are the perfect candidate and had job assurance, when the company declares bankruptcy, you will never get hired for the job.

That means there are external factors that are purely uncontrollable. This is probably the most frustrating part since you are not hired based on some factors that you cannot control.

This scenario do happen and because of the current economic problems, you may never know if the company you work for will be able to ride the economic challenges for the years to come.

Increasing Competition

Although there are external factors that you cannot control, there is one factor that you should really be aware of: competition. School competition is nothing when compared to the competition in the outside world. You not only have to compete based on education, you also have to compete based on experience and networking.

There is always a possibility that someone with a better education, experience and networking will be there. If you are only competing for one position and you are competing with more than 20 persons, there is a big chance that you could be rejected.

Coping with Rejection

The best thing to deal with rejection is to move on immediately. If you do not get hired for the job you really want and the company you like, get over it quickly by getting yourself busy with other job applications. They are not the only company that hires today so you can find another job in another company as long as you get back in finding a job.

If you really want to think about why you were rejected, you need to reconsider you education and experience. For example, you might want to pursue a graduate degree so that you can improve your chances of being hired.

Getting rejected for the job you really like could be painful. But you have to deal with it quickly and find an alternative. It should also be the best time to evaluate your experience and education to improve your chances of being hired.

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